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Garaga Inc. is highly considered as one of the most important manufacturers of sectional garage doors in North America. Garaga has two ultra modern manufacturing plants to service their North American and International client base.

Our dealers have this to say about Garaga: "After becoming a Garaga dealer over 10 years ago, we were surprised to not only get the load list well in advance of delivery but also given the hour and minute of delivery - and in most cases, time was confirmed 1 hour before the truck''s arrival! Quality and service is what we look for in a supplier and Garaga delivers on both counts." (Lou Mosher, owner. Amsterdam Overhead Door).

Garaga not only delivers a top notch product, they go above and beyond to service your needs. From elegant door design to the most accurate delivery of your orders, nothing is overlooked every step of the way.

Garaga guaranties its service because of:

  • A highly qualified team of customer oriented and technical support personnel
  • Instant Order traceability due to sophisticated entry systems

To find out how we simplify your day to day barriers and why so many dealers like you have switched to Garaga visit our site:

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