The Slim Window from GARAGA – a new offering that has the worlds of both design and garage doors talking.

April 3, 2024

GARAGA is thrilled to launch its Slim Window, a new product that will give modern garage doors a distinctive look and an original touch, enhancing the Modern, Scandinavian, Transitional and Japandi exterior styles that are all the rage.

Measuring 40''x7'' (100 cm x 17.75 cm), the Slim Window is a breath of fresh air when it comes to garage door windows. But why? 

Its height is roughly half that of the traditional windows you've been seeing everywhere, for decades, on every garage door, in every neighborhood. That makes it quite remarkable! Maybe not in the history of mankind, but in exterior design and garage doors, it's having an impact.

How can reducing a window size be interesting, you say? You might be surprised! Read on and discover some design tips that might make you see things differently.

Modern two-storey Japandi style house, pale blond wood, white stucco, pale grey brick, large horizontal rectangular windows, single garage doors, dark grey, with Slim windows

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Design Tip # 1 - Add some repetition

Does your construction or renovation project include horizontal rectangular windows in unusual sizes - very small or extra long - that add character to your home's exterior?

Elevate this architectural element that sets you apart in the neighborhood. Enhance your garage doors with Slim Windows. They'll create an eye-catching feature that echoes your unique design and good taste.

Design tip #2 - Play with proportion

Contemporary 2-storey house in warm grey stone, dark grey wood, large windows, modern black entry door and three garage doors, with Slim windows

Your home looks imposing... especially on a smaller city lot! It's understandable. That's the reality for the many homeowners. But you have the space for a double garage. And even a triple. So why not? It's so convenient to be able to park your vehicles side by side. It avoids the frustrating dance of pulling one car out to get to the other and vice-versa.

The best advice for ensuring that the beautiful double or triple garage you're so happy about doesn't weigh down your facade? Add Slim Windows in a vertical row, either Left- or Right-Side Harmony, to create an intriguing overall effect. By repeating the geometry, you'll trick the eye and diminish the proportions. Guaranteed to add a touch of lightness and contemporary charm!

Feel like trying it out on a plan or photo of your home? The Slim Window is available in several garage door designs, including these popular modern choices:

With the Slim Window, we poured all our love into its innovative frame.

"Modern and sleek down to the last detail, Garaga's Slim Window also introduces an all-new frame. With its clean, smooth, no-frills rectangular shape, this frame suits the streamlined look sought after for the latest trends in exterior design. The result is more polished thanks to its 1-piece molding, unlike the welded-joint frames offered by most other manufacturers", mentions Alison Leclerc, Garaga’s Dealer Experience & Product Manager.

Slim window with new sleek, no frills frame,  here in Black, matching exactly with Novatech entry-door window frames.

Depending on the door model chosen, select from:

  • More than 10 exterior frame colors to match the color of your garage door*.
  • 4 types of glass: White Sandblasted, Grey Sandblasted, Satin or Clear.

* Black or white interior frames available for the Standard+ door. White only for Vantage and Regal doors.

In terms of insulation, a 360-degree solution so you can add the Slim Window wherever you are

With Garaga garage doors available throughout the United States, our team understand and respect the different needs in terms of insulation and weather protection of this vast territory.

For some states in the US, we know just how much it pays to choose wind loads, waterproof, or super-insulating building products. Our temperature variations are so intense!

On some winter days in New England states, the thermometer can drop to -50oF with windchill. Records in the South are colder than you might expect too. South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana all have dropped to the teens below zero, while Tennessee has seen the mercury plunge as low as 32 degrees below zero.

In summertime, the cities of Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada experience incredible triple-digit temperatures for weeks sometime. Miami, Florida, temperatures don’t exceed 90oF but many summer days can hit 90% humidity. No wonder the weather is one of our favorite topics for small talk.

Many Americans live in states spared from the Great Colds. They might not feel the need to get the most insulated products. But looking for products that protect them from extreme winds might be crucial. No matter your reality; we manufacture the garage doors to meet your weather conditions.

Vantage and Regal doors >> Great options for attached garages in warmer states, detached garages, and sheds in colder states:

For US citizens living in extremely hot weather (or extremely cold) weather, choosing polyurethane-insulated garage doors means lower power bills and a better quality of life.

Standard+ doors are designed for our harsh climates

Some homeowners have unheated detached garages, boat or equipment sheds, barns for their motorhomes, sheds where they store their lawn tractors, even a shed converted into a She-Shed or pool house serving as an outdoor bar.

There are so many possibilities, and you may have your own unique take. The Slim Window is available from coast to coast in the US and has been designed by our engineering teams to complement our polystyrene-insulated doors as well as our polyurethane-insulated or non-insulated garage doors. So, you could choose the garage door insulation/wind load option you need and add Slim windows on any of them.

A network of garage door specialists spread all over across the United States

Before selecting a garage door that accounts for a significant portion of your home's facade and lasts 25 years, we invite you to visit one of our dealer's showrooms.

See for yourself how a Slim Window adds a modern touch to the traditional window design. Take a look at our brand-new Iron Ore color, a deep anthracite that will soon dethrone Black, according to experts and influencers.