NEW from GARAGA in 2023: Iron Ore, the garage door color that will replace black as the Top Trend!

Garaga, a family-owned Canadian business since 1983, is proud to introduce its brand-new Iron Ore color, a warm grey so dark that it can be considered either in the soft black palette or the dark grey palette.

Modern house in grey brick and caramel wood, Scandinavian and Japandi style, double Flush garage doors in Iron Ore color

Standard+, modern Flush design, 9' x 8', Iron Ore

But whether you see it as pale black or dark grey, Iron Ore will catch your eye! Our prediction? This color, favored by the avant-garde, will create a veritable WOW factor in the sea of black doors and windows that have become the standard facades in our neighborhoods over the last 10 years.

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Iron Ore: the rising star of garage door colors in 2023 and 2024

What we love about the color Iron Ore:

  • It’s a soft black: This means it creates less severe contrasts than pure black. As such, it will complement and enhance coppers, bronzes, and red and orange-tinted bricks. Pure black, on the other hand, often has the effect of accentuating shades that we like less and didn't see before.

    It's an odd example, but for anyone who's ever had their hair dyed black, it seems to accentuate wrinkles, harden features and age a person.

    2-storey house in traditional English style, brickwork, beige shutters and iron ore windows and doors

    Photo: Fieldstone Windows. For more inspiration on Iron Ore renovations, check out their photo gallery.

    Pure black will therefore be more challenging to "wear" when renovating a beautiful, traditional English home. Iron Ore, by contrast, will enhance it and make it look more contemporary and up-to-date.

  • It’s a warm grey: Other charcoal greys often take on a slight blue tinge depending on the lighting and when combined with warm colors. We like these less.

    But because of its composition, Iron Ore is a WARM color. We won't bore you with the technical details, RGB, pigments, light reflection and all that stuff, but it all adds up to making it the best grey! Hooray!

    Moodborad showing different textures

    Image from: Royal Stones
    Arriscraft - Thin Stone
    Arriscraft -Metropolitan Building Stone
    Jamies Hardie - Cobble Stone
    Jamies Hardie - House-Siding colors - Khaki Brown

    This means that our favorite grey goes beautifully with warm whites, creams, beiges, cognacs and caramels, as well as light and ashen wood colors. Add to those, pale stone, light or medium-grey brick and all other exterior finishes.

    Basically, everything that's popular for stylish home exteriors:

Do you love garage doors with overlays? Great! Garaga has 15 designs with overlays in Iron Ore.

This trendiest color deserved to be featured on Garaga garage doors in the Townships Collection (Princeton, Eastman and Cambridge.

Love the Transitional or Modern Farmhouse style? Then the garage doors in this collection are for you! A tribute to the swing doors of yesteryear, they deliver the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. The doors are made of steel, with PVC overlays bonded to the panels. All the class and elegance of wood, without the maintenance hassles.

Simple garage door, Cambridge Long (CL) design, Iron Ore door and Black overlays

Cambridge Long (CL), 9’ x 7’, Iron Ore door and Black overlays

Create a look that will fuel discussions in the neighborhood - good positive feedback seasoned with a touch of envy - by choosing an Iron Ore door and Black overlays for a garage door that makes heads turn.

Prefer a sleek look? Perfect too! Garaga offers the most fashionable modern designs in Iron Ore.

Garaga's Iron Ore color is also available in Standard+ Construction designs. This is really interesting for people building their Scandinavian- or Japandi-inspired dream home, as this garage door provide excellent insulation (R-16) and the Zen calm of a no-frills design. Less is More.

Simple garage door, Flush design, Iron Ore door

Standard+, Flush design, 9’ x 7’, Iron Ore

So, whether you want to enhance the classic look of your home or, conversely, accentuate its modern side, all designs are possible with the Iron Ore color.

A picture is worth 1000 words!

Would you like to see how this color would look on different designs for your renovation or new build? Visit our Design Centre, upload a photo or plan of your house and try it out!

Perfect matches

You love it when your colors are EXACTLY the same. We totally get you! We're the same. You don't want one Iron Ore for your roof, one for your front door and yet another for your garage door!

Garaga keeps this in mind when developing new colors. That's why Garaga's new Iron Ore color matches perfectly with:

color trends for 2023 and 2024

Iron Ore is still one of the darlings of exterior colors for Brick & Batten, Sherwin-Williams and Behr. At Sico and Benjamin Moore, greys are also favorites of the neutral palette, along with warm whites, of course, which remain staples in Quebec, while our neighbors to the south have a fondness for dark facades.

Transitional-style house with iron ore and grey stone cladding.

Combine Iron Ore and black for a dramatic effect, while adding a few lighter touches of cream stone and light-toned wood. Photo: Brick and Batten

A picture of a garage with 2 single garage doors in Prestige XL design, 9' x 8' size, Moka Brown coloor, with Cachet windows

This ultra-modern home combines 2 shades of wood, deep green and caramel siding, cream stone, and Iron Ore garage door and windows. Photo: Brick and Batten

Seeing colors and textures with your own eyes is priceless!

The pandemic showed us beyond any doubt that there are things that are much more pleasant and effective in person (Those famous virtual happy hours - they ran out of steam fast!) Choosing colors and understanding texture on a screen is not the same as seeing them for real!

Before choosing a garage door that takes up a large part of your home's facade and lasts 25 years (if it's a Garaga), take the time to stop by one of our dealers' showrooms. Discover Iron Ore, plenty of other colors and door models, and let yourself be inspired.

And, in the meantime, we're curious to hear what you have to say. Do you think Iron Ore will dethrone black as "THE New color Trend" or not?

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