Determine your needs before selecting a Garaga garage door

Analyse Reminder
Determine the number of operation cycles How many times a day, a month or a year will the sectional doors be used?
What type of traffic is going through the door? Determine the risk of damage by lift trucks or other vehicles going through the doors
Is door insulation an important factor? To insure better weather tightness, the opening may be smaller than the door
Do you require natural lighting? Caution: more windows means higher heat loss
Are there special atmospheric conditions to consider? Strong winds, salt air, excessive corrosion, negative pressure?
What level of safety is required? Vandalism, the safety of people and vehicles going through or using the doors

Once you have answered these questions:

Determine the size of the openings, according to customer specifications.

The "floor to ceiling" height (or first obstruction) is a key measurement. Open the doors as close as possible to the roof of the building. You must be particularly careful if you have an overhead crane.

Make sure to have enough space between 2 or more side-by-side garage doors (18" or 46 cm are required between each door).

If the doors are electrically operated, it is important to ask the project engineer which voltages are available. Use the highest voltage available (min 220 volts recommended, 3 phases whenever available).

Technical assistance

Contact Garaga Technical Services for more information at 1 800 GO GARAGA or

Furthermore, specifications and technical drawings are available on the residential garage doors and commercial garage doors sections (PDF and AutoCAD versions).

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