What are the must-haves & how to get ready for in-garage deliveries?

Birthdays, special events or daily‑life savers, things you ordered on‑line need to be there & in great shape when you get home.

Since stealing packages is a thing & weather is uncertain, in‑garage deliveries will be a peace‑of‑mind great little helper.

But you need to get ready. Here is how.

Your garage door

   You need to have a top‑quality sectional garage door.

Sectional door
Vertical door
Single panel door

   You need to be sure it is well maintained for an easy‑to‑open & sure‑to‑close door.

The weatherstripping, tracks, hinges, rollers & springs must be lubricated every 3 months.


For your safety: never attempt to loosen the cables, springs & hardware attached to them. They are under extreme pression.

Don’t have the time, talent & patience to do that? Our Garaga door specialists do. Find out more about our Planned Preventive Programs here.

Garage door maintenance - Planned Preventive Programs

Your garage door opener

   You need to have a safety photo eyes garage door opener.

Your opener become your eye, so you can close your garage door safely without being physically there. This technology is now a standard safety to avoid accidents.

Safety photo eyes for your garage door opener

   You need to have a garage door opener equipped with MyQ Technology.

Included in many LiftMaster models, this technology allows you to monitor & operate your garage door opener safely using your smart devices.

Enable in‑garage delivery by choosing one of the LiftMaster Wi‑Fi® garage door openers.

MyQ logo

NEW! Smart garage door opener with integrated camera

Your LiftMaster free MyQ app

   You need to download MyQ free app on your smartphone and other intelligent devices.

Equipped with Wi‑Fi, this user‑friendly technology allows to monitor, open & close your garage door from any of your devices and from anywhere in the world!

Be a member of carriers’ special programs such as Amazon Prime

In-Garage delivery

I need to upgrade my opener or my garage door to be in‑garage delivery ready.

I want to have a worry‑free maintenance program for my garage door & my opener.

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