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Our 3 styles of garage doors: traditional, contemporary and house carriage, suit all tastes. Equipped with insulation that protects you from bad weather and all temperatures, Garaga garage doors are unique.

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Extend the life of your garage door with reliable maintenance. If a malfunction occurs, trust our impeccable garage door repair service.

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Garaga's certified installers are the best in the field of garage door installation. They have the expertise required to install your garage door quickly while ensuring that it is perfectly functional.

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With its vast selection of designs and colors, Garaga has garage doors to please everyone. Whether the garage door you have in mind is residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural, our superior quality garage doors will meet your needs. Garaga adapts to your requirements: would you like to add windows to your garage door? No problem. Need specific dimensions? Choose the ideal size. If you need inspiration, visit our residential and commercial photo galleries. By uploading an image of your home to our website's design tool, you can even see the result of your dream garage door instantly.

Garaga garage doors are built to last at least 20 years with proper maintenance. The materials that make up our garage doors are carefully chosen to be both sturdy and light, and the injected polyurethane foam offers incomparable thermal resistance. The garage door hardware ensures the long-term solidity of the structure and allows the door to function for many years.

LiftMaster provides top-of-the-line garage openers and accessories in Norman OK

Does your current garage door opener need an upgrade? Does the one you currently have need repair? LiftMaster is the brand you should consider first! The Chamberlain Group manufactures LiftMaster garage door openers to meet the highest standards in the industry. With LiftMaster's reversing system, your garage door opener will be extremely safe. It will automatically reverse the travel of your garage door if it encounters an object or if the infrared beam on either side of the garage door is cut. Your children who play carelessly under your garage door will be perfectly safe.

With the growing popularity of smart homes, LiftMaster has decided to make most of its garage door openers smart as well. The MyQ technology, which is compatible with smartphones, allows you to control the garage door opener remotely and receive alerts in addition to checking the status of your garage door. This application even allows you to give access to your garage door to anyone you want! Some of the LiftMaster garage door openers have a built-in camera and microphone, as well as a PosiLock system that protects your door from being forced open. For all these reasons, Garaga recommends LiftMaster.

Is your garage door malfunctioning?

A garage door that is not working properly can be dangerous for you and your family. Don't wait for an unfortunate accident to happen, and let ourdedicated crews repair your garage door. We have decades of combined experience in the garage door business to ensure you receive the best service possible. We also offer an emergency repair service that is available upon request. Just call or email us!

Garaga is proud of its preventive maintenance program, which consists of a complete tune-up of your garage door and garage door opener. Following a visual inspection of your garage door and garage door opener, lubrication of the hardware will be applied where necessary. Finally, if one of our technicians notices that a part is missing or that there is a breakage of any kind, he will advise you immediately before proceeding with a hasty repair. Garaga recommends this type of maintenance at least twice a year.