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Garaga's guaranteed qualities, such as the sturdiness of the hardware system, the construction of the door and the efficiency of the weather stripping make your garage door energy efficient. It will save you money by insulating your garage from outside temperatures.

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Do you need repairs or simply routine maintenance on your garage door? The experts at Garaga will be happy to help you. To make an appointment or for any emergency, contact us now.

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You finally have your garage door, and now it's time to install it. For a fast, safe and quality installation, let our specialized technicians put your new purchase in place at the most convenient time for you.

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The city of Moyock is exposed to temperatures that drop to 32 Fahrenheit in the winter and rise to 91 Fahrenheit in the summer. These wide variations require top-quality insulation for your garage door to be completely waterproof and airtight. Garaga offers polyurethane foam injection, the best insulation in its category, which guarantees a perfect seal against these factors on all sides of your garage door.

Garaga knows that superior insulation means a perfectly comfortable garage in summer and winter. A watertight garage door combined with high-performance weatherstripping and installed by certified professionals is the Garaga promise. Click here to learn more about the polyurethane-injected section of a Garaga door.

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We know that the safety of you and your loved ones is a priority, which is why Garaga recommends LiftMaster as a garage door opener brand. LiftMaster garage door openers lead the competition with their outstanding performance features while quiet and safe.

The latest models allow you to control your opener remotely via an app on your cell phone, and some have other exciting features, such as a built-in 360-degree camera or an LED light that can illuminate your entire garage.

For a garage door opener that is sturdy and durable as well as quiet and safe, Garaga recommends the LiftMaster brand.

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A top-quality garage door deserves nothing less than top-notch service from experts. Garaga's specially trained technicians have the skills necessary for all types of garage door installation, repair and maintenance. Our field staff is courteous and efficient and will solve any problem you may have.

Garaga strongly recommends the preventive maintenance service of your garage door, which will ensure a longer life span. This service guarantees lubrication of the parts requiring it and a visual inspection of your systems. In the event of the slightest problem, you will be consulted directly before any repair is made. To ensure that the most important moving part in your home lasts a long time, contact Garaga!