This Mini Full-View Garage Door Reveals Just How Attractive and Versatile They Can Be!

You’ve seen them on TV, on restaurant patios, Instagram—and maybe even on your neighbor’s garage. Trending today is the all-glass garage door and for good reason.

Garage Door Model: California, 9' x 7', White aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

You like this look? These are California Garage Doors , 9' x 7', White aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

One of the great favors done for us by home redesign programs on television is demonstrating just how versatile garage doors can be. In particular, the new trend is the all-glass garage door. These doors don’t just make visitors stop and look; they are highly functional as well. They are beginning to be used in dwellings throughout the nation.

So, you might have seen California full-glass garage doors between:

  • A dining room and a covered deck
  • 2 interior spaces in reception rooms or restaurants to form a bigger space when needed
  • To open a 3-season terrace to the outdoors when the weather gets warmer
  • And, why not, to transform a detached garage, a pool house or shed into a chic inside/outside space.

Garage Door Model: California, 12' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

You like this look? This a California Garage Door , 12' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

While you may have seen remarkable uses like that for this type of garage door, have you ever seen a really small garage door used in the interior of a home?

The California garage door over a kitchen sink. Inside of the door from the kitchen


How Was a Design Innovation Like This Conceived?

“Our customers are a great couple who loves to receive family and friends and entertain. They love cooking big meals too. But they didn’t like at all that they had to walk with plates and covers and stuff from their big kitchen to their patio door, located in their dining room, and then on their deck.” – Anne Parker, designer

Anne’s customers sought a truly unique idea that would not only be eye-catching but functional as well. They wanted a special moveable divider between the kitchen and the sunroom.

“I knew very little about panoramic garage doors. Well, about garage doors overall, to be honest. But when I called Garaga’s Architects & Designers line, I met a team of passionate people who took the time to listen to my weird ideas and transform them into technically smart, gorgeous reality.”

While we are aware of the standard dimensions of garage doors, 9 x 7 feet for the size of a single garage door , and 16 x 7 for a double garage door , the reality is the highest quality doors can be made to suit the customer’s specified sizes.

Garaga can create the residential garage doors that fit your specification, whether it’s 4 to 20 feet wide (to the nearest inch) or as tall as 6 to 12 feet (in one to three-inch increments).


The California garage door: A look from the outside, in the 3-season sunroom

The Delight Is in the Details!

Here are the specifications for this all-glass door:

  • Measurements : 48 X 56 inches
  • Model : California with a black-frame
  • Window choice : both sides of the door are clear tempered glass
  • Hardware : we used a torsion spring Dura+ with the torsion spring hidden in a wooden box
  • Hinges and tracks : we used a galvanized and finish over an appealing black enamel-based paint

Let’s Make Your Tiny Garage Door Automatic!

It is not necessary to manually open this door when you want to hand food and drinks through into the sunroom. The door works with a LiftMaster 8500 installed in a cabinet.

Great Idea! The spring system and garage door opener were attractively concealed.

To keep the opener out of sight, the customers had it tucked away inside of their kitchen cabinets. No matter how hard you look, you won’t find it!

As you can see in the list of dimensions, the opener is small and easily concealed:

  • 16.25 inches high
  • 6 inches wide
  • 6.85 inches deep

Not only do you not have to manually raise and lower the door, but you also don’t even have to be in the house to do it. With the MyQTM app, your computer, tablet, or smartphone will be enabled to raise and lower the door from anywhere.

Want to Try Something Creative Like This?

Get the ball rolling by contacting a GARAGA dealer in your area .

Making your dreams come true is second nature to them. Let them turn your creative idea into a reality using our amazing garage doors . They are indeed experts. They have extensive experience and they love helping you find the perfect garage door system for you.

Find the door of your dreams already? Ask us a quotation by email .

You’d like to shop online a bit first?

You can browse our residential photo gallery . Do you like interactive design apps? If so, grab your smart phone and try our Design Centre . You’ll have fun building your dream door.

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