ColdStop system™

Our garage door system offers the best insulation in the market. It conserves energy and saves money by way of numerous thermal breaks. This ensures chill-free winters and cool summers in both garage and home. When shopping for a garage door be sure to insist on all the ColdStop features you get with a Garaga garage door system. You will feel the difference.

InterLokTM Triple Contact Interlocking Joints

ColdStop interlok triple contact

Bulle coldstop


Wood End Blocks

ColdStop Wood-End Blocks


Double Lip ThermaBlokTM Frame Weather-stripping



Flexible U-shaped Bottom Weather-stripping

ColdStop FlexibleU


High Density Pressure-injected Polyurethane Foam

ColdStop PolyurethaneFoam


Sealed Thermo-pane Windows

ColdStop Sealed ThermoPane


Optional Flexible Top Weather-stripping

ColdStop Optional Weather Stripping />

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