What are the tasks and benefits of working as a garage door and opener installer?

Like working with your hands? You’d love getting a well-paid job? The right amount of technical challenges, different daily locations? And a bright future?

Garaga installer installing a garage door

You like small, tightly knit teams? You dream of a job where your safety is a true priority? A place where you are not a number, but a human being, who is appreciated and well treated?

You love changing locations on a daily base? Never having the same day twice? You like taking care of the service van and the tools provided by the company?

You want a job where you earn a more than decent living?

Where your experience gets recognized and compensated?

Ever consider becoming a garage door technician? The Best Manual Job Ever!

Installer installing garage door tracks
  • Super diversified work! Even if it's always garage doors and garage door openers, no two installations are the same.
  • Very rewarding! You get a great paycheck as you gain experience. You cover a large territory (trips = paid) and you see all the doors you've installed. It's motivating!

The WOW factor!

  • You make people happy in only 3‑4 hours! Changing a garage door makes a big difference on a house. People are excited and happy. It's fun to experience that!
  • When you change the garage door opener, often the old opener worked really poorly or made a lot of noise. People are super happy just because their garage door finally opens!

Great customer relationships:

  • Locations different each day
  • It takes 3‑4 hours to install a residential garage door. Customers’ daily routines aren’t "disturbed" since you aren’t in their house. Since it doesn't take long, people are in a good mood.
  • You' re in the garage, not the house. People let you do your work. You don't have to chat with them all the time.

Strong team relationships:

  • Lots of mutual help, yet lots of autonomy. The best of both worlds!
  • Installers communicate a lot with one another. They challenge each other. They share their best practice. There is no rivalry between installers.
  • Training: Paid by the company, done on business hours


An essential service!

Doors and door openers are much more important than you think! When you're installing, repairing or maintaining a fire or ambulance station, YOUR JOB COUNTS! When you repair a door or opener for a warehouse or business, you're helping the business stay open and keeping people employed.

Big doors for installers are like huge antlers for hunters!

You’ll see. They love to talk about their exploits. Sometimes, you install GI – GAN – TIC doors! 30 feet wide by 24 feet high, on farms or in huge warehouses, it could happen! Of course, we do this as a team and with the proper lifting equipment. It's our pride and it can become an achievement for you too!

A Building Industry job you can do for a long time

Two installers installing a garage door
  • Scissor lift, Elevator Platform, Zoom Boom provided: All the equipment to make sure you are safe and your job is done as quickly and safely as can be.
  • In 2‑man & more teams for large installations
  • State‑of‑the‑art tools provided
  • Van supplied and very well maintained
  • Clothing provided
  • Paid traveling
  • Not too dirty
  • Not overly strenuous
  • Never on a roof
  • Not outside all the time. Nor too much indoors.

It's a physical job, that's for sure. But everything has been put in place to keep you in shape and safe.

An employer different from the rest

Installer installing garage door tracks

Instead of working for a builder, you work for a Garaga dealer. What's the difference?

  • 5‑star employers who take care of their teams and who are experts in one field: garage doors and garage door openers.
  • Free Training & Certifications:
    • Paid by your boss and done on business hours
    • Nasty paperwork: Filled by your employer
    • Certifications: All yours, of course. Add them to your resumé and get a salary reward too
  • Your employers sell the products and install them - Garaga for the doors, LiftMaster for the motors - It reduces the number of things you have to learn before you get good at it and enjoy doing your job.
  • On the other hand, commercial doors offer wide diversity and challenges. So, when you’ll want to step up and learn something new, there will be new stuff too.
  • You are part of a tightly knit team, both in the office with sales and management, and with other installers.
  • You can grow and evolve within the company over time. There are training plans. Apprentice, Technician, Team leader, Dispatcher, Advisor: several possibilities to fit with different people and skills.
  • Paid travelling
  • Tablet or cell phone provided
  • Employment Status: Usually Permanent and Year Round
  • Work Schedule: Usually Full Time
  • Work week: Usually Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm

Really awesome products

Garaga & LiftMaster are well-established, top-of-the-line brands. Because they’ve been manufacturing well-made products since their beginnings.

So, their doors & openers are quick and easy to install and repair.


Customers are satisfied of their purchase and in a good mood.


  • is a family‑owned business that started with less than 20 employees and now employs more than 350 awesome people.
  • More than 3.6 million Garaga overhead doors have been installed since 1983. Enough to cover 3,927 football fields!
  • Tough & Trendy! New colors and new designs. Fashions change all the time. A garage door is 40% of the façade of a house. It' s important when you install garage doors that homeowners love their look!


  • Garage Door openers have become Wi-Fi and smart! People can control their door opener with their cell phone! They can add users and give them specific access. They can in‑garage deliveries. Lots of technology in that! You’ll stay up to date and techno savvy if you become an installer.
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