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Garaga is the best choice for your garage door needs. Garaga offers a vast selection of styles and colors to choose from for your garage door, and they also provide the best level of insulation on the market. You can build your own garage door on our website and get a free quote now.

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Let our team of certified experts take care of your garage door. We do all kinds of repairs, from spring changes to garage door damage services! Garaga values yearly maintenance to increase the lifetime of your garage door and your garage door opener. Emergency services are also provided.

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Installing the biggest moving object of your home can be intimidating, hence why Garaga’s local team of technicians is the best for the job. Our specialists’ high level of expertise will assure you a professional installation that won’t let you down.

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n the summer particularly, temperature levels can get relatively high in Tacoma, which is why Garaga garage doors are the best for you. Their insulation level, made with unique on-the-market polyurethane, makes your garage door thermally efficient. Combined with the most effective thermal breaks, they lower the risk of heat transfer at the maximum between the materials, which means your garage will be cool all summer long, even when it’s very hot outside. For more information about the insulation, see our FAQs.

A garage door can add curb appeal to your home with the appropriate design. Choose from the three house styles Garaga offers: traditional, contemporary and carriage house style, then customize everything from the dimension to the color. You can also personalize the panel construction and panel design, and you can choose to add windows or not. The materials: wood, aluminum or steel, are also customizable, and so is the insulation level. At the end of the process, you will have a sturdy and high-quality garage door that fits your home perfectly.

User-friendly, adaptable and safe garage door openers with LiftMaster

Garaga partners with LiftMaster for multiple reasons. LiftMaster is one of the most popular door opener brands in Canada and the United States because its products are reliable, durable and quiet. Professionals have never discredited the quality or the safety of LiftMaster’s garage door openers, which are very high-valued features by the owners and the experts. LiftMaster leads the competition by surpassing ever-evolving industry standards and innovations.

Speaking of innovations, LiftMaster’s garage door openers are equipped with technologies that allow you to operate your garage door from anywhere in the world on your digital tablet or even on your smartphone. The possibility of combining certain practical accessories to your garage door is also offered. A monitoring device that will ensure your garage door is correctly shut after every use or an external numeric keypad are just two examples of what kind of technologies you can add to your LiftMaster garage door opener.

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Checking the operation system on your door on a regular basis is very important and can significantly improve the lifetime of your garage door and your garage door opener. To help you with that, Garaga specialists in Tacoma offer a preventive maintenance program. This program includes proceeding to any needed adjustments following an inspection of your door, and our experts will also lubricate vital pieces without fault. If one of those pieces is prematurely worn out, they will advise you before proceeding with any necessary changes, which will make you save money and time.

Knowledge and familiarity are two fundamental requirements when it comes to installing a garage door and a garage door opener. Our accomplished professionals will gladly make sure that the entirety of your system is effective and safe and that it will stay that way. A safe and long-lasting door is what Garaga offers to its customers, and the maintenance and repair services are available all week long to assure you peace of mind in the tranquility and comfort of your residence.