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Garaga garage doors can be insulated with polystyrene or polyurethane foam and are available in 3 eye-catching styles. Build one to your liking!

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Did you know that you can customize most of the elements of Garaga garage doors? To begin with, you will have to choose among our three basic styles, which are traditional, carriage house and contemporary. You can visit our photo gallery to see examples of residential garage doors with these styles. Then, you can choose the type of panel construction and its configuration on your door, and finally, select the color you want to match the rest of your home. It is also possible to add windows to your garage door! Garaga offers you the possibility to have the perfect garage door for you.

Another customizable feature of Garaga garage doors is the thermal resistance factor, or insulation. The level of insulation depends mainly on the use you intend to make of your garage door, which is why it often varies from one garage door to another. The more time you plan to spend in your garage, for example if you plan to use it as a workroom or hobby room, the higher the insulation factor Garaga recommends. Since Sumner City's climate is quite warm, with temperatures ranging from 35 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, good thermal resistance coupled with effective weatherstripping on the ends of your door would protect the inside of your garage from the heat of the outside while insulating it during rainy days.

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With nearly 40 years of experience in the garage door industry, Garaga is the reference in the field. We offer all types of services, from installation to repair and maintenance. Our dedicated teams are specially trained to answer all your questions and meet all your needs. Is a part of your garage door system defective? Has your door suddenly stopped working? Please don't wait and contact us for the best service in town. You can have a same-day appointment and a free estimate within 24 hours and we also offer an emergency service to guarantee your peace of mind.

Garaga values its preventive maintenance service, which is a program specially designed to give your garage door a tune-up and health check. One of our certified technicians will come to your home to perform a complete inspection of your garage door systems and then lubricate the hardware and weatherstripping components. If the technician notices that something is broken or about to break, he will discuss it with you and confirm the price of the parts to be replaced before doing anything. Garage recommends doing this type of maintenance twice a year, in the fall and spring, to optimize the life of your garage door.

LiftMaster and Garaga, the ultimate combination

Your garage door opener is just as important as your door, which is why Garaga has partnered with LiftMaster. LiftMaster is the number one brand of professionally installed door openers and is a leader in both residential and commercial applications. LiftMaster garage door openers have great features to ensure efficiency and security, such as photocell sensors that prevent the garage door from closing on something or someone, the Posilock system, which offers protection against forced openings, and Security+ 2.0 technology, whose remote control and keypad protect you from hackers.

In addition to being manufactured with high-quality, heavy-duty parts, LiftMaster openers are designed to meet the industry's highest door and gate systems requirements. Some of LiftMaster's garage door openers can even be connected to your smartphone using the myQ app, allowing you to open and close your garage door, turn your garage door lights on or off, program your garage door to close automatically, and more. Since this technology is synced to your cell phone, you can control your garage door from anywhere! To see our residential garage door openers, click here.