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After years in the sun, a garage door can begin to wear off and lose its appeal. At Garaga, we provide our customers with quality garage doors that can withstand the elements and will look brand new, even after taking a beating from the sun every day.

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Our garage door specialists will be pleased to help you, whether you need fast repairs or simply usual maintenance services. Our knowledgeable technicians are ready to put your garage door as their priority without overlooking a single detail.

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A garage door is only as good as the caliber of its installation. Garaga’s certified professionals are the best in what they do. They will guarantee the best installation for your garage door and your garage door opener so that they are safe and reliable.

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Garaga: Customizable and durable garage doors

The large selection of Garaga garage door designs, combined with the many colors available, can fit any type of house or residence. You can create a garage door that resembles you based on our 3 base styles, traditional, contemporary and carriage, using the following tool: build your garage door.

Our doors are fully customizable from the color variety to the choice of accessories like windows and glass type. However, they are also made with the best quality materials to fit your needs and preferences, while respecting your budget. Our garage doors are safe and durable, which is why they can last so long.

LiftMaster is simply one of a kind

Garaga fully trusts LiftMaster door openers from Chamberlain. They are safer, more durable and quieter than other garage door openers of the same category due to being made with quality and strong pieces. LiftMaster door openers are the best in the industry because of their unmatched fiability and because of their easy maintenance.

Moreover, it is possible to combine multiple practical accessories with the LiftMaster door openers, like a wireless exterior keypad and a remote control. Some of the LiftMaster door openers are even smart, and they can send notifications to your cellphone by using the MyQ application, wherever you are in the world. For more information concerning these accessories, click here.

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To lower the risk of premature wear, Garaga’s team of professionals offers a preventive maintenance program as well as standard installation and maintenance services. Garaga’s experienced technicians will verify if your garage door is still effective, durable and safe, and they will make sure it’s ready to face the elements and the sun for the years to come.

In case of an accident or if you encounter any problem, Garaga’s experts are available all week during business hours to assist you or to work on the necessary repairs. An inspection and preventive maintenance are included with these repairs to make you save money and time, and all those services are offered for all types of garage doors, whether they are residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural.