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As weather can drop as low as 35°F during the winter months, you need a properly insulated garage door. More than just R‑Value, our Garaga doors contain triple contact interlocking joints and many types of weatherstripping, amongst others.

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Need a repair in Richardson?

Need a repair? Garage door and door opener experts are available in your city. Whether it is for a residential or commercial garage, your local dealers will be happy to come to your home and get your door back in perfect condition in no time.

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To obtain the maximum performance from your garage door, the quality of its installation is as important as the quality of the door itself. By working with Garaga’s network of professionals and certified installers in Richardson, you are assured of having an outstanding experience each time.

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Garaga provides garage doors for all tastes and styles. Garaga doors are made with the highest quality materials possible, which makes them superior products. Thanks to our Design Centre, you can customise your future garage door according to your tastes. You can choose from over 40 garage door models and customise the color, window type, decorative hardware and more! If you need inspiration or aren't sure which style is right for your home, we invite you to visit our inspirational image gallery.

Richardson is home to over 5,000 businesses. Having a business often means needing a space to store goods or store equipment. Garaga also sells commercial garage doors and their adapted door openers! Ask your local dealer about our commercial garage doors or learn more about them on our website.

The best garage door openers are in Richardson

Whether for a residential or commercial door, LiftMaster will delight garage door owners with the most efficient electric door openers on the market. These robust and reliable door openers will simplify your life and save you future back pain.

The residential models in the LiftMaster range can be controlled entirely from your phone and are a great addition for families with children. LiftMaster protects your family. Your residential LiftMaster door opener is equipped with invisible light beams. If something passes through the light beam while the door is closing, the opener will automatically reverse the course of the door to prevent it from closing on the object or person. The opener is also equipped with a camera that allows you to see what is happening in your garage in real-time, and a 2-way microphone that allows you to communicate with the people present in your garage.

Choose the best service for your house in Richardson, TX

Need a repair on your garage door? Garage door repair professionals are near you in Richardson, TX! A broken window, a cracked weather stripping, your local dealers have a complete inventory of parts and accessories for the repair of your garage door. Give them a call now and they will be at your house shortly. Your door will be like new in no time.

In order to avoid problems related to time and wear, we recommend that you clean your door at least twice a year with specialised products. Don't know how or don't have time to do the maintenance yourself? Your local dealers can do it for you! Call them right away!