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Our quality is designed for Portland

Portland, ME averages 27.5 degrees F in winter. You need a well-insulated garage door to keep the heat inside and the cold out. There's no better way to understand the quality of our products than to watch them being tested against others in a lab.

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Get more than just R value. Get a garage door with both thermal breaks and weather stripping to prevent the cold from entering your garage.

Many certified installers serving Portland

Many certified installers serving Portland

Your door is only as good as its installation. That’s why GARAGA offers its customers a network of certified installers. From Saco, ME to Lewiston, ME to Gorham, ME to Newfield, ME you can benefit from over 23 years of combined experience with GARAGA products.

What other customers from Portland area say about Garaga?

I will be happy to recommend them because the experience was very nice from the receptionist on the phone, talking with the salesman, to the installation.
- Customer from Maine

Estimate, to choices, to treatment, to prompt delivery and installation they are first class operation!
- Customer from Maine

They are fantastic and worked hard to find the perfect doors for our needs! The technician gave us good advice and great work.
- Customer from Maine

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Our dealers in Portland & surrounding areas

K&S Overhead Door Company

35 Tall Pines Drive
Saco, Maine, United States, 04072
Read more on K&S Overhead Door Company

International Door Corp.

66 Westminster Street
Lewiston, Maine, United States, 04240
Read more on International Door Corp.

Brisk Doors

31 George St.
Gorham, Maine, United States, 04038
Read more on Brisk Doors

D.P. Installations

PO Box 115 - 124 Poverty Pond Road
Newfield, Maine, United States, 04056
Read more on D.P. Installations

Areas Served

Augusta, Brunswick, Biddeford, Freeport, Hollis, Lewiston, Saco, Scarborough, Waterville, Wells, Windham

Getting a new garage door is among top 13 best projects to undertake in Portland, ME

According to a cost-value study made by the magazine “Remodeling”, midrange projects to replace a garage door cost on average $1,404 in Portland. In fact, houses in Portland, ME recoup an average of 59.1% of their garage door cost when they are sold.

As for upscale projects to replace garage doors, their average cost is $2,598 but in this case, you get a midrange 11.3% better return as you recoup 70.4% of your cost when you resell your home.

Build your door now with our Design Centre to:

  • Choose from over 15 different models
  • Try out our different patterns and colors
  • Add windows
  • Upload a photo of your own home to see how it looks with a new garage door.

Top 3 most popular door models in Portland, ME: Acadia 138, Stratton 138, Standard+.

*This is according to the 2013 Cost vs. Value study made by the magazine Remodeling

Laptop Design Centre
Cambridge garage door, Eastman garage door and California garage door by GARAGA

Why Garaga doors are the #1 recommended brand in Portland

The top garage door specialists network in Portland, ME

The specialists in GARAGA garage doors in the Portland, ME region are more than just garage door experts. They are also intimately acquainted with the climate and architecture of the area. This enables them to offer you sound advice, based on your personal tastes and needs, all the while retaining an appearance that fits in perfectly with your surroundings.

When the time comes for you to purchase a residential garage door, you can count on our skilled personnel. They will provide you with invaluable guidance throughout the purchasing process, taking every important aspect into consideration. After ascertaining how you typically use your garage and where it's situated in relation to the rest of the house, they'll determine how much insulation, what type of door opener and which accessories you’ll need. After that, they'll help you choose the visual elements, including the model, color, texture, window style and decorative hardware.

Why LiftMaster is the most trusted door opener brand in Portland, ME

LiftMaster garage door openers are the leading brand. Garage door specialists throughout Portland have come to rely on them for a number of reasons.

LiftMaster, from The Chamberlain Group company, has a long history in the industry. Their vast experience and expertise are reflected in the quality and reliability of their products. The incredible durability of their garage door openers has been proven to garage door professionals on a regular basis.

LiftMaster door openers are not only easy to use, but are also compatible with all different models of garage doors and versatile enough to respond to a variety of individual needs. For example, if you have a bedroom located above your garage, you'll want to choose a model that operates quietly. And when it comes to safety, the brand offers an extensive selection of accessories for ensuring that your garage door operates securely.

A network of experts who can provide efficient services in maintenance and repair

By entrusting the installation of your garage door to our qualified technicians, you will ensure that your garage door system works efficiency and safely, and by scheduling regular inspections, you can make sure that it continues functioning at an optimum level. The professionals in Portland, ME will perform the installation, repair and maintenance of your residential or commercial garage door with the utmost care.

Sign up for an annual maintenance program to avoid unnecessary emergencies and expenses. Our team will perform inspections and preventive maintenance, keeping your garage door system in perfect working order all year long!

Driving Directions

K&S Overhead Door Company

From Portland, ME to Saco, ME

Pointer Map-A Portland, ME
Drive 19.3 mi, 24 min
Get on I‑295 S from Franklin St 1.1 mi / 4 min
1. Head southeast on Franklin St toward Congress St 440 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto Congress St 121 ft
3. Turn left onto Franklin St 0.5 mi
4. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I‑295 S / So. Portland and merge onto I‑295 S 0.3 mi
Follow I‑295 S and I‑95 S to Industrial Park Rd in Saco. Take exit 1 from I‑195 E 15.1 mi / 16 min
5. Merge onto I‑295 S 6.4 mi
6. Merge onto I‑95 S 7.5 mi
7. Take exit 36 to merge onto I‑195 E toward Saco / Old Orchard Beach 1.0 mi
8. Take exit 1 for Industrial Park Rd 0.2 mi
Take Buxton Rd to Tall Pines Dr 3.3 mi / 6 min
9. Turn left onto Industrial Park Rd 0.5 mi
10. Turn right onto North St 0.5 mi
11. Continue onto Buxton Rd 1.9 mi
12. Turn right onto Tall Pines Dr 0.2 mi
13. Slight left to stay on Tall Pines Dr
Destination will be on the left
0.2 mi
Pointer Map-B 35 Tall Pines Dr, Saco, ME 04072, USA

International Door Corp.

From Portland, ME to Lewiston, ME

Pointer Map-A Portland, ME
Drive 34.8 mi, 42 min
Get on I‑295 N from Franklin St 0.9 mi / 3 min
1. Head southeast on Franklin St toward Congress St 440 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto Congress St 121 ft
3. Turn left onto Franklin St 0.5 mi
4. Slight right to merge onto I‑295 N 0.3 mi
Continue on I‑295 N to Washington Ave.
Take exit 8 from I‑295 N
0.8 mi / 1 min
5. Merge onto I‑295 N 0.6 mi
6. Take exit 8 for ME‑26 N / Washington Ave 0.2 mi
Get on I‑95 N / Maine Turnpike in Falmouth from Washington Ave and ME‑100 N / ME‑26 N 4.7 mi / 10 min
7. Merge onto Washington Ave 2.1 mi
8. Continue onto ME‑100 N / ME‑26 N / Auburn St
Continue to follow ME‑100 N / ME‑26 N
2.3 mi
9. Turn left toward I‑95 N / Maine Turnpike 0.2 mi
10. Take the Interstate 95 N / Maine Turnpike ramp to Lewiston / Augusta 0.2 mi
Follow I‑95 N / Maine Turnpike to Alfred A Plourde Pkwy in Lewiston. Take exit 80 from I‑95 N / Maine Turnpike 27.3 mi / 25 min
11. Merge onto I‑95 N / Maine Turnpike 27.1 mi
12. Take exit 80 toward Lewiston / ME‑196 0.2 mi
Continue on Alfred A Plourde Pkwy.
Drive to Westminster St
1.1 mi / 3 min
13. Turn left onto Alfred A Plourde Pkwy 0.3 mi
14. Take the ramp onto ME‑196 E / Lisbon St 0.3 mi
15. Turn left onto Westminster St
Destination will be on the left
0.4 mi
Pointer Map-B 66 Westminster St, Lewiston, ME 04240, USA

Brisk Doors

From Portland, ME to Gorham, ME

Pointer Map-A Portland, ME
Drive 16.1 mi, 29 min
Take I‑295 S, Congress St, Westbrook St, Stroudwater St, ... and ME‑237 N / Mosher Rd to George St in Gorham 15.9 mi / 28 min
1. Head southeast on Franklin St toward Congress St 440 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto Congress St 121 ft
3. Turn left onto Franklin St 0.5 mi
4. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I‑295 S / So. Portland and merge onto I‑295 S 1.6 mi
5. Take exit 5B for Maine 22 W / Congress Street 0.2 mi
6. Slight right onto Congress St 1.4 mi
7. Slight right onto Westbrook St 1.2 mi
8. Continue onto Stroudwater St 1.7 mi
9. Turn left onto Wayside Dr 1.1 mi
10. Continue onto ME‑25 W / Conant St
Continue to follow ME‑25 W
1.4 mi
11. Turn right onto ME‑237 N / Mosher Rd 2.9 mi
12. At the traffic circle, continue straight onto ME‑237 N 3.9 mi
Drive to George St 0.3 mi / 49 s
13. Turn right onto George St 0.2 mi
14. Keep left to stay on George St
Destination will be on the left
95 ft
Pointer Map-B 31 George St, Gorham, ME 04038, USA

D.P. Installations

From Portland, ME to Newfield, ME

Pointer Map-A Portland, ME
Drive 47.1 mi, 1 h 8 min
Take I‑295 S, I‑95 S, ME‑111 W / Alfred St, S Waterboro Rd, ... and Newfield Rd to Carroll Pit Rd in Newfield 44.1 mi / 59 min
1. Head southeast on Franklin St toward Congress St 440 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto Congress St 121 ft
3. Turn left onto Franklin St 0.5 mi
4. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I‑295 S / So. Portland and merge onto I‑295 S 6.7 mi
5. Merge onto I‑95 S 11.6 mi
6. Take exit 32 0.4 mi
7. Continue straight 0.3 mi
8. Turn right onto ME‑111 W / Alfred St 3.5 mi
9. Turn right onto Hill Rd 2.1 mi
10. Turn left onto South St / S Waterboro Rd
Continue to follow S Waterboro Rd
6.9 mi
11. Continue onto Goodwins Mills Rd 0.8 mi
12. Continue onto West Rd 6.3 mi
13. Turn right onto Newfield Rd 3.5 mi
14. Continue onto Bridge St 1.4 mi
Continue on Carroll Pit Rd. Drive to Poverty Pond Rd 3.0 mi / 8 min
15. Turn right onto Carroll Pit Rd 0.9 mi
16. Take the 1st left to stay on Carroll Pit Rd 0.5 mi
17. Take the 1st right toward Poverty Pond Rd 1.6 mi
18. Turn right onto Poverty Pond Rd -
Destination will be on the right
213 ft
Pointer Map-B 124 Poverty Pond Rd, Shapleigh, ME 04076, USA