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With quality product, perfect for Oxford, MA

Every day of the year, your garage door is exposed to the effects of the weather and the sun. Fortunately, at GARAGA, we can provide all of our customers with door solutions that withstand years, even decades, of exposure, and all while maintaining their good looks and esthetic appeal.

Repair or maintenance of any brands

The door that keeps the cold out

You are looking for more than R-value and you can depend on us to find a door that offers premium thermal breaks and weatherstripping meant to block the cold from leaking indoors.

Many certified installers serving Oxford

Our certified installers serving all of Oxford

Any garage door is really only as good as its installation, and this is why GARAGA is happy to provide customers with a wide network of certified installers. Home and property owners in Oxford, MA enjoy the many benefits from our 60 years of combined experiences with the GARAGA brand.

What other customers from Oxford, MA area say about Garaga?

Excellent sales and service. They came, quoted a fair price and a few days later installed door and left with expert installation. A hassle free experience.
- Customer from Kingstown, RI

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Our dealers in Oxford, MA & surrounding areas

JGS Overhead Door Systems

4 Carol Drive, Unit 3, Rear
Lincoln, RI, United States, 02865
Read more about JGS Overhead Door Systems

Door Pro Inc.

95 Ryan Dr #3
Raynham, MA, United States, 02767
Read more about Door Pro Inc.

The Garage Door Guy LLC

45 Gilson Road
Nashua, NH, 03062 United States
Read more on The Garage Door Guy LLC

Areas Served

Bridgewater, Brockton, Charlton, Douglas, Easton, Grafton, Leicester, Medfield, Medway, Millbury, N. Attleboro Newport, Oxford, Paxton, Raynham, Shrewsbury, Spencer, Sutton, Worcester, nearby Connecticut, Worcester, Providence, Newport and all of Rhode Island.

Did you know that a new garage door is often cited among the top three home improvement tasks to choose in the New England area?

A 2015 cost-value study* in "Remodeling” demonstrated that the midrange cost of a garage door replacement was around $1,674 in New England. Homeowners are able to recoup roughly 84% of that amount when they sell their homes!

Build your door and see for yourself! Our Design Centre, allows you to:

  • Upload a photo of your own home to see how it looks with a new garage door
  • Select from an array of models
  • Test out different patterns and colors
  • Add windows.

*This is according to the 2015 Cost vs. Value study made by the magazine Remodeling.

Laptop Design Centre
Cambridge garage door, Eastman garage door and California garage door by GARAGA

Why Garaga doors are the most recommended in Oxford, MA

Choose garage doors that fit your needs and bugdet

If you are like most, you have gotten weary of sales people working to get you to buy the most expensive items they offer. Fortunately, our dealers look first to providing you with the options, explaining them, then listening to your needs to help you choose the door for your project and budget.

You can trust our team to help you make the best choice and without any pressure.

Ensure security with LiftMaster™

If you worry about intruders or similar threats, you can bring that worry to an end thanks to LiftMaster garage door openers. They will ensure the safety and security of you, your home, and your loved ones with their solid operating systems and reliability. With them, you are guaranteed that your garage door is properly secured at all times.

We proudly provide buyers with the best products on the market, and LiftMaster is top among them.

Offering a full network of skilled technicians and installers in Oxford

All of our technicians, installers, and repairmen with GARAGA are guaranteed to be the utmost in professionalism and knowledge. To GARAGA, customers are the most important thing, and we strive to provide each and every one with only the service. We make it a point to consider their budget and needs. Our technicians ensure that every installation is done with accuracy, and that not a single step or detail is overlooked.

Take steps to ensure that your garage door is its safest and most functional by getting in touch with one of our dealers today. They will send out a skilled professional, who can offer suggestions, make inspections or do skillful repairs.

Driving Directions

JGS Overhead Door Systems

From Oxford, MA to Lincoln, RI

Pointer Map-A Oxford, MA
Drive 30.9 mi, 40 min
Get on MA‑146 S in Sutton from Sutton Ave and Central Turnpike 8.4 mi / 14 min
1. Head north on Main St toward Sutton Ave 102 ft
2. Turn right onto Sutton Ave 3.6 mi
3. Continue onto Central Turnpike 4.5 mi
4. Turn right to merge onto MA‑146 S toward Uxbridge / Providence Rd 0.3 mi
Follow MA‑146 S and RI‑146 S to RI‑116 S in Lincoln. Take the I‑295 S/RI‑116 S exit from RI‑146 S 20.9 mi / 21 min
5. Merge onto MA‑146 S - Entering Rhode Island 12.3 mi
6. Continue onto RI‑146 S 7.2 mi
7. Take the I-295‑S/RI-116‑S exit toward Warwick/Boston,‑MA 0.3 mi
8. Use the middle lane to keep left at the fork and follow signs for I-‑295 N/Boston, MA 0.4 mi
9. Use the middle lane to keep left at the fork and continue toward RI‑116 S 0.4 mi
10. Keep right, follow signs for RI‑116 S/Smithfield and merge onto RI‑116 S 0.3 mi
Continue on RI‑116 S. Take RI‑123 E to Carol Dr 1.6 mi / 4 min
11. Merge onto RI‑116 S 0.5 mi
12. Turn left onto RI‑123 E 0.6 mi
13. Turn left onto Powder Hill Rd 0.3 mi
14. Turn left onto Carol Dr
Destination will be on the left
0.1 mi
Pointer Map-B 4 Carol Drive, Unit 3, Rear, Lincoln, RI 02865, USA

Door Pro Inc.

From Oxford, MA to Raynham, MA

Pointer Map-A Oxford, MA
Drive 61.8 mi, 1 h 03 min
Get on I‑395 N 0.9 mi / 2 min
1. Head north on Main St toward Sutton Ave 102 ft
2. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Sutton Ave 0.6 mi
3. Slight right to merge onto I‑395 N 0.3 mi
Take I‑90 E and I‑495 S to MA‑138 N in Raynham. Take exit 8 from I‑495 S 59.2 mi / 55 min
4. Merge onto I‑395 N 4.8 mi
5. Continue onto I‑290 E 0.8 mi
6. Take exit 7 to merge onto MA‑12 S toward I‑90 / Mass. Pike / Auburn 0.8 mi
7. Use the right lane to take the ramp to I‑90 W 0.4 mi
8. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I‑90 E / Framingham / Boston and merge onto I‑90 E 16.1 mi
9. Keep left to continue on I‑295‑N, follow signs for Woonsocket 15.2 mi
10. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 11A to merge onto I‑495 S toward Cape Cod 27.2 mi
11. Keep left to stay on I‑495 S 8.9 mi
12. Take exit 8 for Massachusetts 138 toward Stoughton / Taunton 0.2 mi
Continue on MA‑138 N. Drive to Ryan Dr 1.6 mi / 5 min
13. Turn left onto MA‑138 N
(signs for Massachusetts 138 N / Stoughton)
1.4 mi
14. Turn left onto Ryan Dr
- Destination will be on the right
0.2 mi
Pointer Map-B 95 Ryan Dr #3 Raynham, MA, United States, 02767

The Garage Door Guy LLC

From Oxford, MA to Nashua, NH

Pointer Map-A Oxford, MA
Drive 55.7 miles, 1 hr 8 min
Get on I‑395 N 0.9 mi / 2 min
1. Head north on Main St toward Sutton Ave 102 ft
2. Turn right onto Sutton Ave 0.6 mi
3. Slight right to merge onto I‑395 N toward Worcester 0.3 mi
Continue on I‑395 N. Take I‑290 E and I‑190 N to Jackson Rd in Lancaster. Take exit 106 from MA‑2 E 36.3 mi / 36 min
4. Merge onto I‑395 Ne 5.2 mi
5. Continue onto I‑290 E 7.4 mi
6. Take exit 22‑23 for I‑190 N toward MA‑12/Holden/Fitchburg 0.7 mi
7. Continue onto I‑190 N 18.1 mi
8. Take exit 19B to merge onto MA‑2 E toward Boston 4.4 mi
9. Take exit 106 for Jackson Rd toward Devens 0.4 mi
10. Keep left to continue toward Jackson Rd 220 ft
Continue on Jackson Rd. Take MA‑111 N to Gilson Rd in Nashua 18.5 mi / 32 min
11. Continue onto Jackson Rd 3.1 mi
12. Slight right onto W Main St 1.1 mi
13. Turn left after Subway (on the right) 0.6 mi
14. Slight right onto MA‑111 N 3.0 mi
15. Slight left onto Mill St 1.1 mi
16. Turn left onto MA‑111 N/MA‑119 W 0.9 mi
17. Turn right onto MA‑111 N/River Rd 2.7 mi
18. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto MA‑111 N/Hollis St 0.7 mi
19. Turn right onto MA‑111 N 2.8 mi
20. Continue onto NH‑111 E
Entering New Hampshire
0.9 mi
21. Turn right onto Old Runnells Bridge Rd 0.3 mi
22. Turn right onto Gilson Rd
Destination will be on the left
1.1 mi
Pointer Map-B 45 Gilson Rd, Nashua, NH 03062, USA