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Every single day, your garage door is hit by the damaging rays of the sun for hours. At GARAGA, we want to make sure that isn’t a problem, so we ensure our doors are durable and reliable. They will look as good years from now as it does the day it was installed.

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Don't be afraid of cold temperatures

When you choose our garage doors, you can expect us to go above and beyond, including thermal breaks and weather stripping so that you never have to worry about those cold New England winters.

Many certified installers serving Oakland

Our certified installers serve you in Oakland

There’s a rule of thumb – a garage door is only as good as its installation. So, here at GARAGA, we offer customers a whole network of certified installers available. When you choose us in Oakland, RI, you will enjoy over 100 years of combined experience for the best results.

What other customers from Islip area say about Garaga?

The quote was detailed and thorough with many options given to help us choose the right one. The rep was well-informed and went to lengths and explained current door technology. The installation was fast and efficiently done.
- Customer from Framingham, ME

I would totally recommend this company to others!
- Customer from Framingham, ME

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Our dealers in Oakland, RI & surrounding areas

Door Systems Metro Boston

120 Alexander Street
Framingham, MA, United States, 01702
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Door Pro Inc.

95 Ryan Dr #3
Raynham, MA, United States, 02767
Read more about Door Pro Inc.

Fagan Door Systems

390 Tiogue Ave
Coventry, RI, 02816 United States
Read more on Fagan Door Systems

Areas Served

All of Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts (Bridgewater, Brockton, Charlton, Douglas, Easton, Grafton, Leicester, Medfield, Medway, Millbury, N. Attleboro Newport, Oxford, Paxton, Raynham, Shrewsbury, Spencer, Sutton, Worcester), nearby Connecticut, Worcester, Providence and Newport

When making home improvements in New England, replacing the garage door is one of the top three options.

There’s a cost value study done by “Remodeling” magazine. It looked at midrange products including replacing a garage door. The average cost to do this in New England is $1.674, and homeowners can expect to recoup about 84% of that when they sell the home.

You can build your door through our Design Centre and:

  • Pick from different models
  • Look into your patterns and color choices
  • Add in windows
  • Upload a photo of your own home and see just how the finished product will look.

*This is according to the 2015 Cost vs. Value study made by the magazine Remodeling.

Laptop Design Centre
Cambridge garage door, Eastman garage door and California garage door by GARAGA

Why Garaga doors are the most recommended in Oakland, RI

Meeting garage door needs and budgets

We don’t approach things the same way as other salespeople. You will never find us tricking you into buying the most expensive products. Instead, we will do our best to meet your needs based on the options you like. And we will respect your budget too.

When you let us help you make a garage door choice, then you never have to worry about being rushed or pressured.

LiftMaster™ puts security first

We all have to worry about intruders getting into the house, and you don’t want your garage door being a weak spot. LiftMaster garage door openers mean you don’t have to worry about this anymore. These openers offer the utmost in security and safety so that you can enjoy a reliable system.

At GARAGA, we offer LiftMaster products because we believe in choosing only the best.

In Oakland, RI you can depend on a network of qualified technicians

GARAGA has chosen professional, friendly and knowledgeable installers and technicians to handle your garage door needs. We always do our best to put customers first and we strive to offer the best in customer service. We always consider budget, preferences, and needs. Our technicians will handle installations with knowledge and precision.

If you are ready to ensure your garage door is operating smoothly and safely, then get in touch with our dealers. We will send a team of experts to make corrections as needed.

Driving Directions

Door Systems Metro Boston

From Oakland, RI to Framingham, MA

Pointer Map-A Oakland, RI
Drive 28.4 mi, 1 h
Take RI‑102 N and Central St to Lincoln St in Millville 6.7 mi / 12 min
1. Head northeast on Victory Hwy toward Pond St 0.5 mi
2. Turn left onto East Ave 0.1 mi
3. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto RI‑102 N 4.5 mi
4. Turn left onto RI‑146 N / RI‑5 N 0.2 mi
5. Slight right onto RI‑5 N Central St
Continue to follow Central St
Entering Massachusetts
1.4 mi
Follow Chestnut Hill Rd and Millville Rd to MA‑16 E in Mendon 6.2 mi / 11 min
6. Continue onto Lincoln St 171 ft
7. Turn left onto Chestnut Hill Rd 3.0 mi
8. Continue onto Millville Rd 3.1 mi
9. Slight right to stay on Millville Rd 161 ft
Continue on MA‑16 E to Framingham 15.2 mi / 34 min
10. Slight right onto MA‑16 E 10.8 mi
11. Turn left onto MA‑126 N 4.4 mi
Follow Waushakum St to Alexander St 0.2 mi / 51 s
12. Turn right onto Waushakum St 0.2 mi
13. Turn left onto Alexander St
Destination will be on the right
72 ft
Pointer Map-B 120 Alexander Street, Framingham, MA, 01702, USA

Door Pro Inc.

From Oakland, RI to Raynham, MA

Pointer Map-A Oakland, RI
Drive 41.1 mi, 46 min
Get on RI‑146 S in North Smithfield from RI‑102 N 6.5 mi / 11 min
1. Head northeast on Victory Hwy toward Pond St 0.5 mi
2. Turn left onto East Ave 0.1 mi
3. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto RI‑102 N 4.5 mi
4. Continue onto RI‑146 S 1.1 mi
5. Merge onto RI‑146 S via the ramp to Providence 0.2 mi
Continue on RI‑146 S. Take I‑295 N, I‑95 N and I‑495 S to MA‑138 N in Raynham. Take exit 8 from I‑495 S 32.9 mi / 31 min
6. Merge onto RI‑146 S 5.5 mi
7. Take the I‑295 S / RI‑116 S exit toward Warwick / Boston, MA 0.3 mi
8. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Boston, MA. and merge onto I‑295 N - Entering Massachusetts 9.6 mi
9. Use the left lane to take exit 2B for Interstate 95 N toward Boston 0.8 mi
10. Merge onto I‑95 N 5.5 mi
11. Take exit 6A to merge onto I‑495 S toward Cape Cod 2.2 mi
12. Keep left to stay on I‑495 S 8.9 mi
13. Take exit 8 for Massachusetts 138 toward Stoughton / Taunton 0.2 mi
Continue on MA‑138 N. Drive to Ryan Dr 1.6 mi / 5 min
14. Turn left onto MA‑138 N
(signs for Massachusetts 138 N / Stoughton)
1.4 mi
15. Turn left onto Ryan Dr
Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi
Pointer Map-B 95 Ryan Dr #3, Raynham, MA, 02767, USA

Fagan Door Systems

From Oakland, RI to Coventry, RI

Pointer Map-A Oakland, RI
Drive 22.7 mi, 39 min
Take Cooper Rd to US‑44 E/Putnam Pike in Glocester 5.9 mi / 11 min
1. Head southwest on Victory Hwy toward Maple Ln/E River St 0.6 mi
2. Continue onto Main St 0.3 mi
3. Continue straight onto Cooper Hill Rd 1.4 mi
4. Continue onto Cooper Rd 3.6 mi
Turn left onto US‑44 E/Putnam Pike 1.4 mi / 2 min
Continue on W Greenville Rd. Take RI‑116 S to RI‑3 N in Coventry 15.4 mi / 26 min
5. Turn right onto W Greenville Rd 3.5 mi
6. Continue onto RI‑116 S 10.3 mi
7. Turn left onto RI‑117 E/RI‑33 N 0.6 mi
8. Turn right onto Laurel Ave 0.1 mi
9. Turn right onto Pilgrim Ave 0.8 mi
10. Turn left onto RI‑3 N
Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi
Pointer Map-B 390 Tiogue Ave, Coventry, RI 02816, USA