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Our quality is designed for Iowa City, IA

Iowa City, IA averages 29.1 degrees F in winter. You need a well-insulated garage door to keep the heat inside and the cold out. There's no better way to understand the quality of our products than to watch them being tested against others in a lab.

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Get more than just R value. Get a garage door with both thermal breaks and weather stripping to prevent the cold from entering your garage.

Many certified installers serving Iowa City

Many certified installers serving Iowa City

Your door is only as good as its installation. That’s why GARAGA offers its customers a network of certified installers. In North Liberty, IA you can benefit from over 3 years of experience.

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Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Iowa City, Muscatine, North Liberty, Omaha, Sioux Falls, Waterloo, West Branch, West Liberty

Getting a new garage door is among top 6 best projects to undertake in West North Central

According to a cost-value study made by the magazine “Remodeling”, midrange projects to replace a garage door cost on average $1,496 in West North Central. In fact, houses in West North Central recoup an average of 67.1% of their garage door cost when they are sold.

Build your door now with our Design Centre to:

  • Choose from over 15 different models
  • Try out our different patterns and colors
  • Add windows
  • Upload a photo of your own home to see how it looks with a new garage door.

Top 2 most popular door models in Iowa City, IA: Uniforce, Dualforce

*This is according to the 2013 Cost vs. Value study made by the magazine Remodeling.

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Cambridge garage door, Eastman garage door and California garage door by GARAGA

Iowa City, IA has made Garaga garage doors its number one choice

Professional sales, installation and maintenance from Iowa City, IA experts

We understand that buying a new garage door is a significant investment for homeowners. That’s why dealing with industry professionals is an important step to choosing the right product for your home. A well-made, good quality door can improve your home’s beauty as well as its resale value. With so many options on the market, a garage door expert can walk you through the process of choosing and customizing your new door.

Our GARAGA garage door experts in Iowa City, IA have first-hand knowledge on the area’s architectural style and climate since they also choose to work and live there. They take the time to understand what features are important to you when discussing your new garage door. And since style is also important, our experts will make sure the garage door you select complements the rest of your home.

When deciding on a garage door, there are many aspects to consider:

- Color: GARAGA doors come in a wide range of colors to suit any home

- Finish: A custom finish or texture on your door can improve its beauty

- Model: Select a model of door that corresponds with your home

- Windows: Adding windows will allow natural light into your space

- Hardware: Add elegance and interest to your door with some decorative hardware

- Insulation: Help protect your home against the elements with proper insulation

- Accessories: To improve the use of your garage door and door opener, we offer a wide range of optional accessories such as keyless entry systems, MyQ systems, emergency batteries, etc

LiftMaster garage door openers - The brand with the best reputation in Iowa City

Iowa City, IA technicians recommend LiftMaster brand garage door openers more often than any other brand. LiftMaster, made by The Chamberlain Group, has been number one in the industry for decades thanks to their dedication in manufacturing top quality products. Their garage door openers are highly praised for being reliable and durable. LiftMaster is known for staying ahead of the competition by being innovative and incorporating new technology in their products. They create door openers that are high-performing and exceed expectations.

Homeowners appreciate LiftMaster garage door openers’ numerous safety features. With safety systems such as infrared technology that can sense a person or object in the door’s path, your garage door and opener can be used while keeping your family safe.

LiftMaster brand garage door openers can be installed on all models of doors, making them quite versatile. They are easy to use and are built to meet your needs. For homes with attached garages for example, quiet door opener models are available, allowing you to use your garage door without worrying about disturbing your family.

Our experienced professionals guarantee quality service

A garage door needs to be installed by experienced and qualified professionals. Our Iowa City experts have the necessary training, experience and technical knowledge to install your garage door correctly. They will make sure it is properly balanced and sealed to keep your door working smoothly for years to come. Proper installation means your door will be durable, efficient and safe to use.

When dealing with residential or commercial garage doors, our experts in Iowa City, IA can do it all; they install, maintain and repair new and existing garage doors. They can inspect your current door and carry out any needed preventive maintenance.

Our technicians can also prepare an annual maintenance program for you, to avert any unnecessary future problems. Knowing your garage door system is in great working order means you can relax and simply enjoy the comfort and beauty of your home.