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Temperatures in Huntsville, AL, can drop as low as 35 º F in winter. To keep the warmth inside, it is important to have a garage door that won’t let the cold wind in. See just how well insulated our doors are.

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A problem with your door? A team of certified experts is located near you, in Huntsville. Give a call to your local dealer and your door will be like new in no time!

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Your experts in Huntsville have over 50 years of experience in the garage door industry. Choosing their services is choosing a high-quality service delivered by a team of professionals.

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When looking for a garage door, you are probably looking for something efficient that will also add to the beauty of your house. Garaga garage doors offer you both.

In Huntsville, AL, temperatures can reach 90 ° F in the summer and drop as low as 23 ° F during the winter months. To keep the temperature comfortable all year round in your garage, you need more than just an adequate R-value on your door. Garaga provides you with thermal breaks and weatherstripping to help keep the outside weather outside. Your wallet will thank you, as the heat won’t be escaping from your garage anymore during winter.

Choosing a Garaga door is choosing high-quality products installed by certified experts. Garaga provides you with long-lasting overhead doors with style. Even better, you can create your own door thanks to our favorite tool to this day: the Design Centre. It lets you choose between over 40 garage door models and personalize them to your taste. Even better: you can upload a picture of your house to visualise the result. That way, your garage door will perfectly match your house’s style. Look through our inspirational gallery to discover your style.

Huntsville’s first choice in garage door openers

LiftMaster’s garage door openers are Huntsville’s residents’favorite brand of electric door openers for their reliability and for the security they bring. This garage door opener can becontrolled entirely from your phone, and the built-in camera and microphone allow you to see what is happening in your garage in real-time. The backup battery lets you in and out of your garage during power outages.

Leaving the house for a few days? Your house is protected against intrusion: if the door opener detects a forced opening, it will push the garage door back down to stop the intruders from getting in. If the neighbor has to come by your house to feed the cat, you can give them controlled access via the MyQ app. With a LiftMaster garage door opener, you can leave the house in peace. LiftMaster keeps your garage safe.

Best services in Huntsville, AL

As Garaga’s overhead doors are made with high-quality products, they will last long. With the proper care, your garage door could last over 30 years! To keep the door looking like new for years, it is recommended cleaning the garage door with specialized products at least twice a year. Not sure how to maintain your garage door? Call your team of experts in Huntsville. Maintenance of your garage door is one of their provided services.

Does your door seem heavier than usual, or is it making a weird sound? You can schedule an appointment to get your door repaired at an affordable price. Is your car stuck in the garage? No worries, you will not be late to work, thanks to the emergency services provided by your local dealers. In the Garaga family, your satisfaction and safety are at the heart of our priorities.