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Garaga garage doors are fully customizable and can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Choose a style that suits you and select the options you like, such as adding windows and panel construction.

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Leave the care of your garage door in the hands of the finest professionals. Whether it's for maintenance, repair or an emergency, our attentive and experienced teams will guarantee your peace of mind.

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Installing the largest moving part of your home can be a daunting challenge. Our certified installation teams have the expertise to ensure a successful and worry-free installation. Contact us now!

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Residents of Glendale, AZ, enjoy the incomparable benefits of Garaga garage doors.

The airtightness of Garaga garage doors is unique

Arizona's climate can be scorching hot and dry, and the city of Glendale is no exception. The sun won't damage your Garaga garage door, as these are made with choice materials to prevent rapid wear and tear. When it comes to hot air, though, you'll need a well-sealed garage door to keep the inside of your garage cool.

Numerous designs and color choices are also available so that your garage door will perfectly match the rest of your home. Click here to create your door now.

Garaga garage doors come in different thicknesses and levels of insulation, one of which is based on polyurethane foam and offers the best airtightness combined with weatherstripping on both sides of the door.

The unsurpassed LiftMaster door openers are in Glendale, AZ

LiftMaster is a brand known in Canada for its high performance and quiet operation. The latter is particularly interesting for garages that are attached to houses, since this way no one is disturbed when you come back late at night or leave early in the morning, for example.

If your current garage door opener is failing or if you're looking to purchase one, consider LiftMaster openers, which are built to last and are incredibly safe. Their infrared light feature detects if an object is in the garage door’s path and automatically reverses the door if it is the case.

Garaga does business with LiftMaster because the quality of the garage door openers is on par with Garaga doors.

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At Garaga, our main concern is that our customers benefit from a garage door that is functional and safe. If you encounter any problem with your garage door, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Our specialists have the experience and the tools necessary for all types of repairs.

Extend the life of your garage door easily by joining our annual preventive maintenance program. This program consists of a 10-step verification of all your systems, including lubrication of the components requiring it. If one of our technicians notices that repairs are necessary, we will notify you immediately.

Garaga strongly recommends this annual tune-up, which is offered for a minimal fee.