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Weather in Boise can drop as low as 22℉ during winter, so you need a properly insulated garage door to keep the heat in and the cold out. Even better: a well-insulated garage door can make you save a lot of money! Discover why Garaga's airtight doors are the best on the market.

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Is your garage door producing an unusual sound? Call the garage door experts in your area right away! There must be a problem with your garage door that needs to be repaired before it becomes more serious.

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In order to have a garage door that works well and lasts a long time, the installation must be done with care and knowledge. The quality of the installation is as important as the quality of the door itself. For the best service in Boise, choose a Garaga expert!

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Choosing a garage door is a big decision. After all, the garage door is the largest removable part of the house and can take up to ⅓ of the front of your home. Since a garage door can last more than 30 years, it is important to choose a quality door that matches the style of your home. Fortunately, Garaga is here to help you! We've created the Design Centre for you! This free interactive tool allows you to design your future garage door. Choose the model, the configuration, the type of windows, the color... and much more! You can even upload a photo of your home into the tool, so you can see your creation on the house. And you can start over as many times as you want, it's completely free! Need some inspiration before you start? You can visit the image gallery to see the amazing projects of pasts customers.

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Technology has become our best friend in the last few years. Many can't live without their phone anymore, and with good reason! It holds all the important information we need and keeps us connected to the people that matter. What if it could also keep us connected to our home to make our lives easier?

Because they are compatible with the MyQ app, LiftMaster door openers let you do just that! Imagine how much easier life will become when you never have to worry about the security of your home or worry on your way to work about whether you closed the garage door this morning! Just open your app to check the status of your door and with a few clicks, open or close it. If you don't think about it, the app will send you a notification if the garage door stays open for a long time. You can leave the house with peace of mind, as your garage and your house are under the LiftMaster’s protection!

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Is there something wrong with your garage door? Don't hesitate to contact your garage door expert in Boise! The experts of the great Garaga family have the knowledge and expertise to carry out all the necessary repairs on your garage door and LiftMaster opener. Give them a call right away and they will be at your home to repair your garage door as soon as possible.

To prolong the life of your garage door and prevent most wear and tear problems, it is recommended to maintain your garage door from time to time with specialized products, at least twice a year. Don't have time to do it or don't know how? Your local garage door experts can perform preventive maintenance for you. So don't wait, contact your local garage door expert today