What’s your pooch up to while you’re at work?


Our pets are literally members of our family. We want only the best for them, but while we’re at work, they often have to spend most of the day alone. Are you the type who wonders what your dog is doing during the time you’re at work? You can now have an answer to your question by getting the Nest Cam security camera for indoor use. Working hand in hand with LiftMaster's MyQ cellphone app, this small, cutting‑edge camera provides you with a clear, well‑defined image, directly from your home. This is good news for your pup as you can keep an eye on them even when you’re sitting at your desk at work.

A master is, without question, a dog’s favorite person – the one to who they are faithful and true. However, what about when the master leaves for work? Dogs are social animals that still need the comforting presence of a human. Why not set up a cozy spot for your furry friend in your garage? A space reserved for them that they’ll associate with the time you are at the office. In addition, by installing a Nest Cam security camera inside your garage, you can remotely see and react to their level of anxiety and boredom. With an integrated microphone and speakers, the camera allows you to speak to your dog and reassure them as needed. This way of using technology in your garage will allow you to better manage the loneliness of your pet when you are gone for more than a few hours and will provide your dog with a sense of security.

Besides allowing you to know in real time what your dog is up to, the Nest Cam helps you avoid troublesome situations and the possible destruction of property during the day. Using your smartphone and the MyQ app, you can talk to your pet, congratulate them for good behavior or, inversely, rein them in thus avoiding any potential damage. Does your dog react to outdoor noises from cars or passers‑by? Is excessive barking a problem? These can be controlled by your intervention. Then, at the end of the day, when it’s time to return home, you can tell your pooch that you’ll soon be there to take them out for an evening walk.

So this is an easy way to connect aspects of your life while keeping an eye on your family pet. Assisted by your smartphone, which you most certainly have with you at all times, you’ll feel like you have a real assistant at your home who watches what your dog is up to. With multiple options, the Nest Cam security camera for indoor use lets you choose the viewing angle and allows you to zoom in on an object as needed. This way you can keep an eye on Fido while going about your business with peace of mind.

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