June 1, 2018

What are the trends for garage spaces in 2018?

2018 tendances

Compared to 20 years ago, our garage space is being used in increasingly different ways. Back then, and even before, the garage was a place where we stored all sorts of seasonal items and those things we just couldn’t bear to part with, on the off chance… And when cold weather arrived, we carved out a small place to park our car.

Let’s take a look trends seen in the last few years for using garage space. Do you have another use for your garage not shown here or do you plan to transform it? If yes, then tell us!

The electric car has arrived!

More and more, people are opting for hybrid or completely electric vehicles. That means there must be a home charging station for the car, and what could be better than to install it right in the garage?

As well, the use of solar panels to heat all or part of the house is why the garage will become the control and energy collection station.


You may already know that Tesla offers an energy collection and storage system via its roof tiles. But did you know that they also have a battery station where you can collect energy for heating and cooling the house?

Connected homes… more and more popular!

A survey done in mid‑2017 showed that 40% of American homes owned one or more Internet-connected devices, such as home appliances, thermostats, lighting fixtures, along with security systems and their cameras.

The garage hasn’t missed this trend. It is manifested in Wi‑Fi‑connected electric garage door openers that, with the addition of some apps, allow some practical capabilities. Since 2017, Chamberlain and LiftMaster brand door openers have had an integrated Wi‑Fi system on top of their MyQTM advanced technology that’s been available since 2013.


Garages are now an extension of the house!

Over the last few years, it has been observed that the square footage (meters) of homes being constructed is declining. In some urban areas, homes are extending up to 3 stories but with smaller facades. This phenomenon of reduced size is mostly due to the cost of setting up municipal infrastructures, i.e. water and sewer.

So, the garage is increasing becoming an extension of the house, a location where we want to store some personal belongings but also a place to have a second refrigerator, a laundry room, and even a play area for the kids. Those passionate motorcycle or DIY fans will certainly want to create that perfect living space they’ve been dreaming of.

These types of transformations certainly imply that the garage space should become more inviting and interesting. This can involve a more durable floorcovering such as epoxy paint, better insulation for the garage, and even more practical and easy‑to‑clean wall finishes.

A useful trend is to install multi‑purpose storage systems. Likewise, we try to maximize every inch of usable garage space, even by placing practical and easy-to-use storage bins over the garage door.

And what about the car…?

So, it seems we are running out of space in the garage, meaning the car will need to stay outside, possibly under a portable shelter. Some of you may say “No way!” and its place is in the garage. For many, hopping in a warm, snow‑free car in the dead of winter is not just nice, it’s necessary!

But moving the car outside really isn’t a joke. It’s a trend being seen increasingly in more populated areas. And with the arrival of autonomous cars, will we stop owning our own cars in the future?

If your garage door system needs a change…

If your garage door system deserves an update, whether it be the garage door itself or the electric door opener, contact a Garaga professional. You can easily ask for an online quotation. You can also get a great idea of what your next garage door could look like by using Garaga’s Design Centre, or perusing their image gallery for dozens of examples.

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