3 Reasons Why All-Glass Full-View Garage Doors Are Perfect for Commercial Gyms (Guide Included)

This full-view garage door is in the G-4400 design, 12' x 10' in size and have Anodized aluminum frame.

Look at how the gym windows let in the morning light! Working out in this environment will be enjoyable anytime of the day. Doesn't it strike you as a peaceful and motivating place to do your daily exercise? This full-view garage door is in our California design, 12' x 10', with an adonized aluminum frame and clear windows.

Do you own a gym, CrossFit gym, fitness room, or physiotherapy center? Have you ever considered installing all-glass garage doors on your building? It’s time to bring the outside inside for your clients by installing full-view garage doors!

Have you ever thought about adding full glass aluminum garage doors?

Here are 3 benefits for your commercial gym!

1- Panoramic garage doors are known for their versatility

As the weather warms up, it becomes more difficult to draw customers to the gym. People have a strong desire to be outside.

Why not use your garage door as a moving wall to expand your space and let in a welcome spring breeze? Don’t obstruct your view of the beautiful nature and picturesque beauty surrounding you with a garage door without windows!

Studies have shown that ‘’exercising outdoors generally makes people happier and more energized‘’, according to a DNAfit’s article.

Even if you only work out for an hour, this exposure to natural light can improve your health and mood. Plus, there are plenty of other outdoor activities besides cycling and running.

You want to provide a unique cardio workout circuit or yoga session outside your fitness center?

We have 3 high-quality brands to suggest for outdoor fitness modules and equipment:

When the weather doesn't allow open doors, customers can use the amenities of an indoor gym while still getting a taste of nature with the beautiful view.

This full-view garage door is in the California design, 12' x 10' in size and have Anodized aluminum frame.

Imagine yourself walking or running on one of these treadmills with the all-glass garage door opened! The gym offers customers a completely different experience and scenic view with windows on every wall. You can even work out outside in the fresh air!

2- Garage doors made of all glass let in natural light

Glass garage doors are a great way to add light and brightness to a space, which makes it feel more inviting and pleasant. Most gyms have traditionally been dark places with artificial lighting, making it challenging to work out and stay motivated.

You can increase natural lighting without compromising privacy with floor-to-ceiling tinted glass options. Plus, your garage door and room appear larger because you can still see through it.

3- Full-view aluminum garage doors offer a unique design

There is no denying the beautiful appearance of garage doors with all-glass panels. The contemporary aluminum style has a light commercial and industrial feel, perfectly matching the construction building.

Aluminum full-view garage doors provide:

  • An elegant and sleek design
  • The WOW factor
  • Modern and industrial architecture

Panoramic glass garage doors are the finishing touch your commercial building needs to have that look!

Have we piqued your curiosity?

Before purchasing a full-view garage door, you should know the following 3 things.

If your gym happens to be in a residential garage, this blog provides excellent guidance on transforming your garage into a gym from the floor to the ventilation.

Rogue also has many DIY garage gyms on their website.

Customize your full-view garage door in 5 steps, from the garage door size to the type of glass

1- Garage door sizes

Our standard (and most common) full-vision garage door sizes

  • Widths from 4' to 24' (1.2 m to 7.3 m)
  • Heights from 6' to 18' (1.8 m to 5.5 m)

That’s not all! All Garaga garage doors can be customized to the garage door size you want!

If you want a smaller or larger size than a traditional door, we can design it to your exact specifications without additional charges. That is the beauty of choosing custom-made garage doors!

2- Garage door frame

Our full-view commercial garage doors come with an aluminum frame.

Here are some of the benefits of aluminum full-view garage doors compared to steel doors

  • Lighter weight material (an easier opening mechanism)
  • Longer-lasting mechanism (lower maintenance costs)
  • Naturally resistant to corrosion (no rust, perfect for outdoor applications and buildings near saltwater)
  • One of the most environmentally friendly metals (it’s called the “green metal” and recyclable)

This full-view garage door is in the California design in Anodized, 12' x 10' in size and have White aluminum frame.

Both the inside and outside of the gym are eye-catching! You can see that light enters the garage even when it is closed and illuminates the inside. Make your gym stand out from the competition! If you want your customers to enjoy a pleasant view rather than watching TV, create a thoughtful landscape design with plants and flowers like they did here.

How should aluminum full-view commercial glass doors be taken care of?

  • For a quick wash, use car wash soap
  • For stains or fingerprints on the glass, use a detergent or mild soap
  • For a brand-new appearance, use liquid car wax once a year on a cloudy day

NOTE: Avoid any abrasive cleaners! For more details on how to take care of the aluminum surface, click on this link!

3- Garage door panel layout

Explore the garage door panel layouts available for our California garage doors!

Garaga's garage door panel layouts for California aluminum garage doors

4- Available frame colors for California garage doors

Regarding aluminum extrusions, there are so many frame colors to choose from!

Our standard and semi-custom California frame colours

Color match the entire front of your building! You can have the same color for your front door, window frames, and garage doors.

Bring a sample to a paint specialist, and they will find the exact color code for your garage door!

You can find the Garaga garage door color that corresponds to the one of GENTEK or ROYAL (aluminum coil suppliers) here!

The choice is yours! It all depends on…

  • Your budget (cost of maintenance)
  • Your personal preferences
  • Your needs (practicality, utility, insulation)

5- Available types of glass for California garage doors

You’ll have no shortage of choices when selecting the type of glass for all-glass panoramic doors!

All possibilities and specifications about California windows.

Have you considered double-paned (thermopane), sealed glass?

Double-paned windows, many separated by Argon gas for insulation, have a total thickness of ¾" (19 mm).

  • They provide more layers of protection
  • They reduce cold air infiltration, condensation, and noise
  • They help lower energy costs

In addition, the 2 panes are coated with an invisible metal oxide, known as LOW-E, and filled with Argon gas. Energy-efficient LOW-E Argon thermopane windows reflect heat away from the building in the summer. They limit heat from escaping in the winter, ensuring that your facility can better withstand both cold and warm temperatures.

3 other practical commercial and industrial applications for all-glass garage doors

1- Restaurants, breweries, and wineries

Who doesn’t like to eat on a restaurant patio when the weather warms up?

During patio season, providing an outdoor dining option is critical to attracting customers and giving them an additional reason to visit your restaurant!

How can a patio benefit your restaurant?

  • Increase your capacity

    In a restaurant, every square foot counts.

  • Display your restaurant’s personality

    Lights, paint, and music can all be used to project the concept and ambiance you imagined.

  • Create attractiveness

    Decoration has an impact on how people perceive your restaurant.

Grubhub has 7 tips to help you prepare for restaurant patio season. They have compiled a list of must-haves to set your outdoor space up for success! This includes the following:

  • Decorating
  • Hiring
  • Seasonal menus
  • Pet policy
  • Pickup/delivery orders area
  • National food holidays
  • Marketing strategy

These full-vision garage doors are in the G-4400  design, 12' x 10', Black aluminum frame and clear windows

Luckett Vineyards has beautiful Black aluminum all-glass garage doors that provide a breath-taking view of the vineyards and the ocean. These full-view garage doors are in the California design, 12' x 10', with a Black aluminum frame and Clear windows. If you visit Nova Scotia, you have to stop there! Imagine yourself having a delicious lunch and wine tasting while admiring the panoramic view of the valley!

How can you improve your outdoor design space? Add beautiful full-view glass garage doors!

Full-view aluminum doors are ideal for creating an indoor/outdoor feel. Customers can enjoy the panoramic view from the inside even if the weather is terrible outside.

Offer the best outdoor dining spot in the area!

In the summer, people are looking for restaurants in town with the best ambiance!

Providing a safe, attractive, and cozy environment for your customers will make you stand out from your competition.

2- Boathouses

If you rent out your cottage on websites like Airbnb, having glass garage doors can really bring entertainment to this place.

Turn your houseboat into a waterside paradise with stunning all-glass garage doors!

Panoramic glass garage doors can provide a beautiful water view and allow your guests to appreciate the beauty of nature. Also call marine garage doors, they can be perfect for:

  • Screened-in dining areas
  • Indoor/outdoor lounges with covered kitchenette and serving bar
  • Natural-light-filled interior spaces
  • Boathouse roll-up shutters (make sure your boat is safe and protected from weather)

One of PattyMac's boathouses with all-glass garage doors in Black.

Take a look at this lovely gathering area! It is ideal for enjoying the lake view thanks to the glass garage doors Furthermore, you can store your boat safely and protect it from weather and thieves. Discover PattyMac's entire portfolio of one-of-a-kind boathouses that make us dream!

3- Shops

Full-glass garage doors can also be used to create an indoor/outdoor store. Not only is it eye-catching for passersby, but it also provides a unique purchasing experience. Plus, the large glass panes of the door let extra natural light in.

Did you know that light can influence purchasing decisions and increase your sales regardless of the products or services you sell?

In fact, the Hescong Mahone Group, which provides professional consulting services in building energy efficiency, conducted a study on the effect of natural lighting on sales in the United States.

The presence of natural light can result in a 40% increase in sales, according to the Hescong Mahone Group’s research.

Aren't those numbers impressive? This is because natural light causes people's brains to wake up rather than fatigue, unlike artificial lighting. As a result, people are more tempted to buy.

In conclusion, natural light can benefit your business because it:

  • Helps boost sales performance
  • Improves ambiance
  • Makes your customers happy and eager to buy
  • Reduces electricity costs
  • Enlarges your space

Boston coffee shop Loyal Nine with its large full-view glass garage door in Black that opens to a beautiful outdoor patio.

During the warmer months, the Loyal Nine café opens its large black glass garage door to reveal a lovely outdoor patio with hanging lights and wooden tables. It's the ideal location to taste their coffee, pastries, and other delicious food. This café was named one of the top 10 best Boston coffee shops by Sveta, a Chicago-based photographer and content creator, in her blog ‘’Heart for Wander’’.

Ready to upgrade your commercial building with brand-new all-glass garage doors?

Contact us, your local Garaga garage door dealer today! We’d be grateful to be part of your next garage door project!

We, too, are a business, so we understand how important it is for a project you're passionate about to be executed flawlessly and meet your expectations.

We want what is best for our customers, so we ensure that our overhead doors and services are high quality. We strive to provide personalized service by garage door professionals that is tailored to your specific needs.

This garage door is the California design, 8' 1'' x 6' 9'', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass.

One of our clients decided to transform her garage into a relaxing and creative space. With all this natural light coming into her garage, she won't lack ideas! You desire the same setting as this studio for business purposes? This garage door is the California design, 8' 1" x 6' 9", Black aluminum frame, Clear glass.

Have you found the perfect overhead door for your business?

Request a free quote, and you’ll receive it by email! We can provide you with a garage door and installation estimate. This way, you’ll be sure to work within the budget you have set for your project.

What maintenance should you do on glass garage doors? Is it different from other overhead doors?

Like any commercial garage door, we highly recommend you sign up for one of our preventive maintenance programs. Our certified garage door technicians can inspect the condition and lubrication of your garage door hardware (tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs).

What are the advantages of performing preventive maintenance?

  • Ensures garage door runs smoothly
  • Helps avoid costly repairs and injuries
  • Extends your garage door’s lifespan


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