3 Things You Should Know About Full-View Garage Doors Before Buying One

Are you in love with the all-glass panoramic garage doors that are all the rage right now? You’re a fan of modern design and the versatility of these doors seduces you? You’ve seen them on the patios of hip restaurants, between the living room and the outside pool of your friends’soooo cool cottage, and even between the kitchen and the deck of fabulously different homes on Pinterest and Instagram.

This full-view California garage door between the living room and the outside swimming pool creates a wonderful indoor / outdoor space.

The Black aluminum frame of this California full-view double garage door really make the pale gray stone and the blond wood stand out. The chrome-colored hardware adds a bit of an industrial flair to the overall décor. But you could also have chosen Black for them to blend with the garage door. Imagine how awesome it must be to have this inside/outside space!

The California all-glass garage door is perfect to create the amazing inside / outside space you’ve been dreaming of for a while. You’ve started making plans for your very own home improvement project. You’ve got a fantastic idea and a special place to install your all-glass garage door. Not so fast. Here is important information you must know before making your move.

1) A Full-view garage door frame is aluminum

According to AZO Matering, the good news about this is:

  • Aluminum is lighter than steel or wood > So your garage door springs won’t have to be as powerful as for the 2 other materials.
  • Aluminum resists corrosion > Aluminum naturally generates a protective thin oxide coating which keeps the metal from making further contact with the environment. It is particularly useful for applications where it’s exposed to corrosive agents. So, you should consider a California full-view garage door or an aluminum garage door for your boathouse or your home by a big lake or saltwater (even worse).
  • Aluminum is a good reflector of light and heat. So, your home or the special place with your full-view garage door might actually stay a little bit cooler in the summertime. But don’t forget these large windows you’ll have. Chances are they’ll cancel each other out.

But, as you already know, after the good news, there’s always a not so good news.

Aluminum is also a great thermal conductor.

So, if you live in someplace that gets pretty cold in the wintertime, you have to understand that any full-view garage door frame will conduct the outside cold inside your room.

An illustration of houses, one of them having a scarf, they other seem to envy it

If you choose a full-view garage door, you have to feel comfortable with the fact that this type of garage door construction doesn’t have a high R-value.

You have to be ready to choose aesthetics over insulation level and saving energy.

As an example, for a heated attached garage, where the thermostat is kept between 8 and 10℃, we recommend a garage door with at least an R-12 value, with R-16 construction being even more efficient when it comes to reducing power bills. So, you could imagine how much it would cost if your full-view garage were between your living room heated to 20℃ and the outdoors.

A boho kitchen with a California full-view garage door with a Nature layout, White frame color, and Clear Windows

Winter does not get any harsher than in Quebec, Canada. That didn’t stop this homeowner from adding a California full-view garage door with a crisp White frame and Clear windows between her cottage’s kitchen and the outdoors. Look how much natural light gets in. How nice it must be to drink your morning coffee in this cozy, warm, and eclectic space.

Maybe you live in a mild weather area? Maybe your energy bill aren’t too bad because you have an alternative way of heating, like with wood or solar panels? Maybe you love the full-view garage doors’look soooo very much that other considerations don’t bother you? We agree. Look is everything. But we thought you should know.

2) Full-view garage door windows might fog up in cold weather

Just like any other windows in your home, your full-view garage door windows might be more subject to condensation when it gets cold outside.

What causes condensation?

Condensation forms when warm, humid air contacts a cold surface.

A picture of heart drawing in a foggy window.

Moisture is in the air all around us and warmer air can hold more moisture. Just everyday inside living by itself increases the indoor moisture level. Just think of showers, baths, cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning and even breathing. These actions often go unnoticed when the weather allows us to keep our windows open because air circulates.

As air cools, it contracts, and its moisture condenses. When the temperature drops, the first place you will see any condensation is on the windows. Your windows are the coldest surfaces indoors. The larger the window, the larger is the coldest surface. So, full-view garage door windows might get fogged up just like patio doors.

Look how this full-view garage blends well with this shed transformed into a cute, cozy cottage. The Anodized frame color fits with the exterior siding.

Many people think full-view garage doors just suit modern, contemporary houses. That’s sooo NOT true! Look how it blends well with this shed transformed into a cute, cozy cottage found on Houzz. The Anodized frame color fits with the exterior siding and adds a bit of an industrial touch.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent condensation from forming on windows

  • Lower your thermostat from 22℃ to 20℃ > Instead of walking around in t-shirts, get your family to wear sweaters! Plus, outside weather will seem less chilly if it’s not a tropical temperature inside.
  • Use your fans > First, make sure you have good-quality fans. Your appliances, like the stove and dryer, create a lot of humid air. Same goes for your shower. Make sure that these areas and appliances are vented outside of the house. Run a vent fan in your bathroom when you shower and turn on your range hood while cooking.
  • Get a dehumidifier and / or air exchanger > Your air exchanger basically exhausts internal air and sucks in external air. In winter, the outdoor air is drier and cooler than the one inside. So, yes, an air exchanger can reduce the condensation in your windows.
  • Install a wood burning stove > Did you know that heating a space with a wood stove dries out the air? Plus, it’s lovely! The sounds, the smell, the fact that your floor will be warmer than with any other heating sources. Can you picture yourself watching the sunset through your full-view garage door, with your favorite blanky and a nice Chardonnay, by the fire? Heaven on Earth!
  • Do NOT ever dry clothes indoor > Obviously, you can use your dryer. But never ever use a clothesline inside your home in the coldest season. Waaaaaaaaay too much extra moisture in the air. Kudos for wanting to be lean and green though.

As you can see, condensation will not be a problem if you think ahead. Besides, large bay windows or patio doors will have the same condensation challenges as a full-view garage door. Fixing the problem before it even becomes a problem is easy.

3) Full-view garage doors have a lot of windows!

Well, isn’t this right, Captain Obvious, you must be thinking. Although it seems straightforward, you will have many choices to make for your full-view garage door windows. Some of them will be rather easy since they are based on Style, your very own taste and project. Other will involve safety or energy efficiency.

This California all-glass garage door is in the More layout with a Black frame and Clear windows is on the façade and the driveway.

This California all-glass garage door is in the More layout with Clear windows. As you can see it’s not behind or beside a building but just upfront, on the façade and the driveway. Since this a care center project, people didn’t mind passersby seeing in their community kitchen.

First > Do you want to feel outside, or do you need intimacy?

If you’re in a more urban area, your neighbors might be closer than you wish. If you have no fence or big trees around your property, you might get the feeling of being too exposed with Clear windows. Especially at night when the lights inside are on.

Spectacular space from Houzz! This large trendy formal and open concept living room with white walls doubles the feeling of always being outside with 2 full-view garage doors!

Spectacular space from Houzz! This large trendy formal and open concept living room with white walls and a brick fireplace doubles the feeling of always being outside with 2 full-view garage doors!

See a California full-view garage door with a Black frame and Sandblasted windows by night.

Choosing Sandblasted windows (frosted glass) for your California all-glass garage door is a great solution when you want privacy. It adds square lines and light by day. At night, when the lights are on, it looks like a Spectacular Giant Lantern! You get this beautiful glow.

There are many types of glass to choose from for your full-view garage door, ranging from 0/5 to 5/5 privacy level. Clear glass for more light transfer to the interior while enjoying nature from the inside. Tinted, frosted, and translucent glass panels that allow light to enter inside, yet still maintain your privacy.

Houzz picture - A modern kitchen that opens to a private courtyard thanks to a full-view garage door. - From Jeannette Architects

If you have a fence and trees, even though you live close to your neighbors, you have the privacy you need to pick Clear windows on your full-view garage door. This beautiful modern kitchen from Jeannette Architects on Houzz proves it.

A close look at a California full-view door in 8'x7' with a White aluminum frame.

When you have a lake or a mountain view, the California all-glass garage door is perfect! You get the soothing effect of being surrounded by nature even though you’re inside.

Second > Do you want to improve energy efficiency?

If so, you can choose an energy-efficient thermopane window with LOW-E Argon.

During colder seasons, this type of window allows the sun’s rays to penetrate the home, letting in heat and light. As well, it limits the escape of heat outward. In the warmer summer months, the windows limit the amount of seasonal heat as well as that produced by various sources (paved driveway, vehicles, etc.) from entering, while nonetheless allowing the light in.

Useful chart about Insulating Glass Unit Performance

This chart compares the performances of the 2 clear panes with space and 1 clear pane + 1 Low-E pane with argon. Learn more about LOW-E Argon thermopane windows.

Third > Do you want to improve safety and resistance?

Do you live in a really urban neighborhood where vandalism is unfortunately more common than you want? Or maybe you have many active kids, who like to kick soccer balls, play football in your courtyard or, even worse, hockey?

Maybe your full-view garage door dream coming true will turn into a nightmare? With you getting stressed out by your kids’behavior, screaming, and shouting all the time for them to stop playing so roughly around your precious door.

Well, think again! You just have to choose tempered glass and all your worries will go away!

What is tempered glass?

Extreme heating and cooling of standard glass produces a glass that is 4 to 5 times stronger than the original. If it does break, it shatters into small, dull, less harmful pieces, and has been used for car windows. You should know that a thermopane window can have tempered glass on only 1 side, that of the garage interior or on both sides. For an all-glass garage door, like the California, it’s suggested to ask for thermopane glass tempered on both sides.

A beautiful modern house with 2 California full-view garage doors, 6' x 8'6" and 16' x 8'6", Black aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass.

Maybe having a full-view garage door in your kitchen or your living room is finally not for you. But California full-view garage doors are also perfect for your garage!

Ready to replace your garage door by something that add value to your house?

When you start home improvements, you want to change everything. From your exterior color scheme to the sidings, the lighting, the roof, and even the landscaping. You’re thinking of improving everything on your property.

Change your overhead door as well! Otherwise, it will just be a 9’x7’ bland space.

Think of your garage door as another accessory, not just a utility object. After all, it covers up to 40% of your home’s façade.

To get great advice and know-how, visit a GARAGA dealer in your area.

They are experts in garage door openers and overhead doors!

They have extensive experience, and they love helping you find the perfect garage door system at the right plus for you.

Find the door of your dreams already? Ask us for a quotation by email.

You’d like to shop online a bit first? You can browse our residential photo gallery. Do you like interactive design apps? If so, grab your smartphone and try our Design Centre. You’ll have fun building your dream door.


Needing a price o 4 just door

We have a retail business in the Dogpatch of San Francisco and want to replace our door with a full-view garage door. Existing garage door is 154 x 121.

Interested in purchasing a double garage all glass door and a single garage door the same as the double in design and a garage style window please contact me thank u

I am interested in getting light into my garage but don’t want to have prying eyes. I have turn garage into a heated space but avoid spending time there as I don’t want to feel like I am in a cave. Open to suggestions. Thank you.

Hi Ray, many options are available on the market. A garage can be welcoming without feeling like being in a cave! :) We suggest you reach out to one of our dealers near you. They could help you with this for sure! You can find one here: https://www.garaga.com/find-a-garaga-dealer

Bonjour. Nous avons une insporaion pour batir un cabanon de 8X10 et on aimerait un porte de garage tout vitrée en verre afin de donner un look a notre cabanon. Ce cabanon servira a tres peu d'entreposage car je vaut y installer a l'intéreiur un comptoir bar pour allonger notre petit coin repas exterieur. Fabriquez-vous ce type de porte sur mesure afin de fitter le cabanon.

Bonjour Eric, cela semble être un très beau projet! Nous fabriquons exactement le type de porte de garage que vous recherchez! Nous vous invitons à contacter le détaillant le plus près de vous pour avoir un prix. Vous pouvez le trouver juste ici : https://www.garaga.com/fr-ca/trouvez-votre-detaillant-garaga

Replacement of old garage door for a glass door.

Hi Peter! Please contact us to speak with one of our professionals who can provide tailored guidance and tips for successful seeds in your garage. Thank you!

I am inquiring how much would it cost for my garage door for two cars.

Hi! We recommend reaching out to the closest Garaga garage door dealer. They'll be able to provide you with pricing based on your specific requirements. Visit https://www.garaga.com/ca/find-a-garaga-dealer to find the nearest dealer.

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