March 25, 2016

Why You Deserve Better Than a Boring Garage Door

What color is your house? Chances are, you carefully chose it, based upon your own personal preferences. Have you given the same consideration to your garage door? If not, why not?

Change your boring garage door into one with style and finesse

Last year, these homeowners complained that their new garage door was going to come primed but not painted. They were advised to paint it a color that would complement their home’s exterior color, and would also update the look of their entire home.

Garage doors with flowers

Make things easy: choose a door that doesn’t need to be painted

However, even with this solid advice, the above homeowners have created more work for themselves than they need to. Why? Because you can choose a garage door that comes already painted.

Why you deserve better than a boring garage door

It’s all well and good that your neighbours benefit when you replace that old, boring garage door with the new one, but you will, too. Here’s how:

You can express your individuality

Depending on your neighborhood’s restrictions, if any, you can use that new garage door to express your individuality. It’s quite likely that the garage door that came with your house is solid colored, boring, and bland. Contemporary designs and colors let you choose based upon your own tastes so that your house becomes an extension of you.

You can give the entire exterior of your house an inexpensive “facelift” just by replacing the garage door

How big is your garage door? If your garage door is like most, it takes up at least a third of your house’s facade, if not more. You can update the look of your entire house just by replacing the garage door.

There are other reasons a new garage door can benefit you, too:

You may increase the value of your home

An attractive new garage door increases your home’s curb appeal, and therefore its value; this is important even if you’re not planning to sell your home. Keeping it well-maintained and upgrading as necessary means you won’t be facing significant repairs – or a substandard selling price – if you do find yourself in the position to sell.

You may reduce the risk of crime

Many residential burglaries can be traced back to an open or unsecured garage door. New garage doors can be bought with “open” indicator devices that remind you to close your garage door before you go inside.

You’ll reduce your maintenance costs

New garage doors are easier to maintain than older models. There’s no need to scrape and repaint.
Ready to replace your boring garage door with a stylish new one that will reflect your individuality? GARAGA garage doors are built to last and stand up to tough winters. Request a free quote today!

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