March 15, 2016

The Simple Way of Knowing Which Residential Garage Door Is Right for You

Did you know that a residential garage door often takes up as much as 40 percent of the home façade?

Residential garage doors aren’t just about curb appeal. Your door has to withstand the elements and prevent the transfer of heat. If you’re using your garage space as a workshop or living space, you’re going to want increased insulation levels to ensure thermal efficiency.

Other key considerations include durability, maintenance and costs. But these depend heavily on the types of materials you choose.

differents residential garage door

Residential Garage Door Materials

  • Aluminum doors are low maintenance, come in a variety of styles and colors and their rustproof design makes them a viable choice in humid environments. Aluminum is lightweight, so there is less stress on the operating mechanism.
  • Steel garage doors are also available in a wide range of designs, colors and finishes. While sturdier than their aluminum counterparts, they can rust if scratching or dents occur.
  • Wood is an option often preferred by traditionalists, but it does require routine maintenance in the form of painting or staining to retain its aesthetic value. If you want the look of wood, but not the hassle of its upkeep, you can also choose veneers or overlays at a reduced cost.

Style Choices

According to Eric Adelman of South Park Design Build, you should “match the style to the house windows,” instead of duplicating the look of the front door. Francesco Di Sarra of Capoferro Design Build Group says, “On a traditional home, you might want the door to disappear and blend in. But if your home is modern, you can celebrate that, perhaps by choosing all glass or a unique design.” Adelman agrees, “With contemporary homes you can go crazy with materials.”

In terms of design patterns and lines, consider the following:

  • Cottage country and Victorian homes often work well with paneled wood (or lookalikes) and decorative hardware such as iron hinges and handles. The door should blend into the façade and extend its lines as if it were part of the original architectural design.
  • Raised ranch style homes and colonial bungalows work well with horizontal patterns and simple hardware and/or windows.
  • Contemporary style homes often work best with simple lines, such as plain doors or panels with horizontal grooves.

Are You Ready to Select Your Residential Garage Door?

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider when selecting a residential garage door.

Browse through our variety of residential garage doors, or even design your own online with our handy tool. Then, get a free quote, and upgrade your garage!

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