May 20, 2016

Test: Can a Thief Open Your Garage Door?

You keep a lot of valuables in your garage, from tools and treasured belongings in storage to your car and other expensive vehicles. The importance of keeping these possessions safe is undeniable. But is your garage secure? Ask yourself these questions to find out whether a thief could open your garage door:

Thief breaking a lock

Do you leave your remote in your car on your visor?

Thieves know to look for garage door openers here, so a smaller keychain remote is preferable. You’ll have your remote with you for safekeeping, and thieves won’t have such easy access. Not to mention that you’ve eliminated an enticing reason for breaking into your car!

Is your garage door opener set to the factory settings?

If it is, you’re leaving your garage vulnerable. Reset the code to something less generic.

Do you unplug the garage door opener motor when you leave for a long period of time?

If not, your garage may be at risk from thieves canvassing the neighborhood for doors they can open.

Is your lock reinforced?

The door around the lock needs to be resistant to breakage if you want to keep your garage secure. Consider investing in a good-quality deadbolt and reinforcing the doorjamb and hinges. According to The Family Handyman, a grade 1 or 2 deadbolt is best.

Is the emergency release lever secured?

While you don’t want to make it impossible for you to use the lever if you need it, a coat hanger may be all a thief needs to take advantage of this feature. Removing the cord or tying the level to the carriage assembly can also create just enough inconvenience to discourage thieves. Many websites recommend using a zip tie, thin wire, or even just rope to tie the level. These solutions all have the advantage of being cheap and simple while providing valuable risk reduction.


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