November 20, 2015

Never Ever Store These 10 Things in Your Garage

Whether it’s a space wherein you spend lots of time, or it’s just a space for storage, the garage often becomes home to materials that shouldn’t be stored there. In some cases, items that are stored in a garage can pose a danger to your health and safety.

Let’s examine some of the items that are never recommended to be stored in a garage, no matter how convenient.

Never Ever Store These 10 Things in Your Garage

1. Propane Tanks

Cooking outdoors with family and friends is a ubiquitous pastime, and you need propane for a good barbecue. However, while you may be able to store some of the barbecue items in the garage, it’s best to leave propane outside.Very often, the valve isn’t completely closed, causing one kind of leak; sometimes the tanks have another type of leak.

Propane gas leaking is an explosive situation and deadly. Instead of risking your life, store the tank of propane outside in a secure, enclosed space without sparks – like the garden shed.

2. Clothing and Bedding

Bulky coats and linen need a place to rest during summer. Common city animals such raccoons and skunks look for a soft clean nest. If comfortable, that claim jumper will bring family and friends along.

Instead, find winter clothing storage areas inside your home, in sealed plastic containers or old suitcases.

3. Paper Products

A growing number of people are adopting green lifestyles and recycling religiously. If done improperly, however, recycling causes expensive headaches in the form of pest control.

4. Fresh Food

Most homes have pet food and wild bird seed, but garage storage for these items is taboo. Stockpiling food there makes it a luxury hotel complete with a five-star restaurant for vermin. Seal those items and store them inside your own pantry.

5. Temperature-Sensitive Items

Wine should never be stored in your garage. Exposure to extreme heat can damage the composition and color of wine, making it undrinkable!

Paint, refinishing solvents and stain in garage storage will spoil. Some paints separate, and you’ll be left with a curdled, unusable mess. Also, paint cans sitting on a cement garage floor will rust through very quickly. It’s science.

6. Canned Food

A stockpile of canned vegetables absolutely has a shorter shelf life in garage storage and will freeze over the winter.

Good Housekeeping states that, “A stockpile of canned tomatoes, beans, and more has a shorter shelf life in a room that gets hotter than 70 degrees (and when temps reach 95 degrees, the food will spoil quickly). If your canned goods freeze in the winter, they can be thawed, but the quality might diminish.”

7. Refrigerator

Fridges control the temperature in your food, but as heat rises, your fridge works harder to keep food cool. If it’s in the garage, you will see it on your energy bill.

8. Vinyl Records & 8mm Film

Mice and other pests nest in celluloid, and vinyl records become ruffled like Grandma’s doilies in garage heat.

9. Electronics

The DVD players, phonograph players, televisions, and computers you’ve been meaning to donate to charity could get damaged in extreme heat or cold. Then they will do nobody any good.

10. Bikes

Anything with rubber tires should not be stored in a hot garage and uncontrolled temperatures.

Are You Properly Protecting the Items You Store in Your Garage?

As for the items that you are storing in your garage, are they in the right climate, and secure from thieves? The type of garage door you own goes a long way toward protecting your stored belonging.

Learn about some of the models we offer at Garaga, and if you feel like it’s time to upgrade your garage door, you can get a free quote!


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