May 29, 2015

How to Turn Your Garage Into Your Very Own Sports Haven

Your garage is filled with so much junk that you don’t even park your car in it. Or you do park your car in the garage, but it could just as easily stay out in the driveway. You’d like to do something cool with your garage—make it a place where you’d actually like to spend some time. Well, how about turning it into your very own customized sports zone? Doing so would be a fun project for you—or you and your kid—and leave you with an awesome hangout and a place to keep all your sports stuff.

So, how do you to do it?

How to Turn Your Garage Into Your Very Own Sports Haven

Clean It Out

This is the not-so-fun part. You’ve got to get everything out of there, first. Throw away the stuff that you’ll never use—probably almost everything. Give away stuff that’s in good shape but you don’t need. Organize everything else, and put it in the attic, or in closets, or in a discrete corner of the garage, if you have to. Now you’re ready to build.

Put Together Storage Systems for Your Equipment

You should buy units that are specifically designed to hold pieces of equipment. You can get bike racks, racks for fishing poles, racks for skis and snowboards, and racks for surfboards. All you have to do is go online, and you can find specifically designed storage equipment for almost anything—baseball bats, tennis rackets, you name it.

For really big items like hockey nets, use hooks to hang them from the ceiling or wall so that they don’t take up too much space on the floor of the garage. You’ll need that for other stuff. And consider getting organizers for all the little things—baseball gloves, balls, etc.—so that they can be stored in one space, by sport.

Furniture and Equipment

Now, a sports garage isn’t just about playing sports. Of course, it’s also about watching sports. So consider adding some stuff for game day—big-screen TVs (maybe two smaller ones if we’re talking about football watching), comfortable recliners, a mini-fridge for your beer and snacks, and some tables for the same.

If you’re really looking to go all out, you could add in a portable heating or air conditioning system for the more extreme weather periods, and even a small bathroom. Of course, a home security system is probably necessary to protect all of this stuff.

Deck It Out

You should also consider this new sports man cave as something like a museum of sports. So frame your sports memorabilia—baseball cards, jerseys, pennants, anything—and put it up on the walls. Put up some pictures of you and your son at that MLB game, or maybe of the very first time you threw a ball around together. It’s really up to you. Your wife probably won’t let you decorate inside, so now is your time to shine. And remember that this portion of the project is ongoing—you can add more and more and more over time until you have made yourself the perfect sports heaven. Now get to it!

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