February 16, 2016

How Much Value Does A Garage Add to Your Home?

Is the garage the most underrated part of your home?

If you own a home without a garage, you might not know just how much value it can add. Aside from bumping up the home’s value, a garage will also prove quite useful.

A New Garage Means Increased Home Value

A basic attached garage will cost around $20,000. While that’s a solid sum of money, when you consider that a garage will bump up the value of your home, it makes financial sense. You’ll see plenty of your investment back when you sell your home. You might even recoup the entire investment or more.

House with a garage door for sale

Create a Place to Work

Your garage will likely be large enough to have some extra space. Instead of leaving it empty, turn the room into a workshop. If you add insulation and heat, you can even use your garage as a workshop during the winter.

Or a Makeshift Man Cave

If you invest in a large garage, you’ll have extra room to build a man cave. If you have friends over, just park your car in the driveway for extra room. If you eventually sour on the garage and decide that you’d rather use it for something other than a place to park your car, you can choose a more functional route by converting the garage into a living room or an apartment.

Extra Storage Space

Most homeowners don’t have room to store all of their possessions. Use the space that remains in your garage to store all those extra items. This way, they’ll be easily accessible in a moment’s notice.

A Lack of a Garage Can Ruin the Selling Experience

If you live in a suburban space, the above statement is especially true. While it is nice to have a parking pad, a garage is practically a “must have” for homes in the suburbs. Plenty of those who own suburban homes without garages have had their houses on the market for months and, sometimes, even years beyond when they wanted to sell.

Many home seekers won’t even bother looking at properties without a garage. Even if you aren’t dying to have your garage constructed, get it done and out of the way today so that the home will be that much more marketable whenever you decide to sell.

Don’t View a Garage as an Expense

There are plenty of stories about homeowners who invested a few thousand dollars in a new garage, only to find that it actually boosted the value of the property by two or three times that amount. So don’t view your new garage as an evil expense. Think of it as a stock or other investment that you’ve temporarily placed your money into.

A Garage Can Even Help Urban Dwellers

While most people imagine suburban homes when they think of a garage, this is a misconception. A garage can be an especially important and valuable addition to an urban home. Parking is hard to find in cities, so a garage can make a property that much more attractive to potential buyers.

It All Begins with the Door

How much can a new or fashionable garage door at to your home? It’s usually the first thing homebuyers see when viewing a house for sale, and it can set the tone for the showing.

If you’re planning on adding a garage to your home, take a look at these quality residential garage door options, so you can get excited about the possibilities.

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