August 25, 2014

Garage Door Styles & What’s Best For Your Home

A significant aspect of being a homeowner is making sure that you maintain the value of your investment. Part of this task is ensuring you install a quality garage door that is built with first-class workmanship to last for decades while increasing the curb appeal of your home. According to a cost-value study made by the magazine “Remodeling”, showing the 2014 national averages, midrange projects to replace a garage door recoup an average of 83.7% of their garage door cost when they are sold.

The right garage door can provide greater value and a beautiful look to homes of all styles. However, you do have to be a bit careful when choosing an appropriate model. There are several things to keep in mind when you are choosing a garage door for your home, and here are a few tips:

Cottage Country or Victorian-Style Home

If you have a home with that old country charm or one with Victorian detail throughout, you might want to consider one of our more traditional garage door options such as the Eastman Estate or the North Hatley.

All three models fit great with these style homes as they feature quality workmanship and beautiful architectural designs with tasteful accents.

Styles garage door that's best for your home (cottage country)

Contemporary or Modern-Style Home

For more modern-styled homes that feature simple lines and plainly styled doors & windows, you can’t go wrong with nearly any model of our contemporary garage doors.

These models, such as the California, the fully-windowed garage door, or one of Garaga’s grooved or flush door models, boast the same clean lines and look of modern homes, but they can also offer a flair of style that can considerably increase curb appeal

Styles garage door that's best for your home (cotemporary)

Colonial Bungalow or Raised Ranch Style Home

This style of home is a mix of traditional and classic elements, providing long lines and the occasional detailed patterns. There are several excellent options for someone that has one of these styles of home and wants to compliment it with the right garage door.

You might choose the Cambridge, Standard+, Triforce, or H-Tech for example. These all have styles that match your raised ranch or colonial bungalow style home and can provide you with cohesiveness along the front façade of your home

Styles garage door that's best for your home (colonial)

Extra Tips

Add Color and Light

Once you have decided on the right style of garage door for your home, the next step is to take some time and consider the best color and any decorative accessories you might be interested in. You can choose from subdued colors to blend in with the look of the exterior of your home, or you can be more adventurous and choose a contrasting color that truly stands out from the neighbors.

Windows can also be installed in your garage door, which are available in a variety of styles including antique, arched, and clean-lined models. Garage door windows will have a big impact on the exterior look of your home and provide additional interior lighting for your garage space as well.

Detail with Hardware

You can also be very selective and unique by adding accents to your garage door with various types of hardware, especially if you have a Victorian or a Country-charm house design. Decorative hardware is a great way to lend a new look to carriage house. You may choose to go with the standard set of garage door hardware, or add small detailed pieces including door knockers or false door handles.

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