Your garage door can knock the socks off your neighbors this Halloween!

It’s almost that time of year, when we see ghosts and goblins come down the street in search of tricks or treats. Increase their enjoyment by decorating the front of your house and adding to the atmosphere. It will make a memorable evening for all!

Lots of people put up Halloween decorations, but did you ever consider using your garage door as a blank slate for your creations? It doesn’t take a big budget to get the scary look you want. Use your imagination and some homemade decorations, like rigid foam cutouts, old clothes, duct tape, etc. Decorative lights or projections and appropriate music can top it all off!

Halloween decoration on a garage door

Here are some ideas found on Pinterest. So… get going and be creative. And don’t forget to get your kids involved – they are probably full of ideas!

Halloween decoration on a garage door
Get your kids to join in to decorate the garage door.


Halloween decoration on a garage door
Add appropriate lighting and it will make all the difference.


Halloween decoration on a garage door
Look on the web for covers for the whole garage door.


Halloween decoration on a garage door
Don’t miss the chance of decorating your garage this Halloween!

And if the weather permits and you can invest more time, use your garage door like a big projection screen and show a video like Thriller.


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