July 7, 2015

Fun and Useful Ideas on How to organize a garage

Ever feel like your garage will never get organized? Garages are often used as a place to put things such as undesired boxes, winter jackets, sports equipment, bikes, and well…our junk. No matter how big a garage is, it always seems like there’s just not enough space and a clutter of tools and boxes can be created pretty quickly! Here at Garaga we understand how busy mothers can be, especially when looking after young children. We also understand that for almost anyone, the idea of cleaning your garage is a burden. Fortunately, we came up with a few simple garage organization ideas for your piece of mind. Not only are these methods easy, clever and effective, most of them will cost you close to nothing!

Try some of these yourself and watch your garage change into a clean organized space where you can find tools fast!

1. Suspended Shelving

Using the air space above your parked vehicle is perfect to store your holiday decorations or any other seasonal items that only need to be used once or twice a year. For full instructions on this suspended shelving project click here.

Suspended Shelving

2. Separate Garden Station

If you have a green thumb, this idea is for you! You can create a space in your garage that will be personalized to your gardening hobby. Store your dirt in big buckets, your flower seeds in boxes or drawers and hang up your tools on a peg board. You can easily find peg boards in hardware stores near you, such as Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and Home Hardware.

Separate Garden Station

3. DIY Wooden Shovel Rack

Ever tripped on one of your shovels because they were in the way? Fix this problem by bringing them up and out of the arms way. This shovel rack is strong and sturdy and can hold all your heavier yard tools.

Find the design here.

DIY Wooden Shovel Rack

4. Repurposed Kitchen Jars

Do your children devour peanut butter or Nutella jars in just days? Instead of throwing those containers in the recycle bin, save them! Use your leftover jars to store screws, nails, and other small objects laying around your garage. Then screw the top to a wooden shelf. It’s very easy and costs absolutely nothing!

Repurposed Kitchen Jars

5. Bike Racks

Stop worrying about running over your children’s bicycles with these wall mounted bike rack ideas. You can find some anywhere on the internet, the one we suggest is cheap and almost effortless to put up. Visit the Amazon website to see our pick!

Bike Racks

6. Magnet Strip for Tools

These magnets are extremely useful and clutter-less.
Look them up here.

Magnet Strip for Tools

7. Tape Station

Do you have tape rolls scattered around all over your house? Get organized and put them in one place with this genius idea!

For instructions on this project click here.

Tape Station

8. Pretty labelled Bins

Gather all your kids’ toys, balls, chalk and all other objects laying around your yard and put them in buckets. You can find buckets like these at hardware stores near you or even at the dollar store! Use sharpie pens, chalk stickers or chalk paint to label them the way you like.

Pretty labelled Bins

9. Wet Shoe rack

Avoid mud inside your home with this genius and fun shoe rack idea!

And if you’re feeling crafty and have lots of wine bottle corks you want to get rid of, try this idea. You will need a glue gun and patience!

Wet Shoe rack

10. Hose and Bucket

A simple bucket can be transformed into a practical and inexpensive holder for your garden hose and sprinkler. Drill three holes in a triangular shape in the base of your bucket. Depending on your wall, bolts and screws are good for this project.

Hose and Bucket

We’d love to hear your thoughts! What’s your favourite website on the list? Are we missing anyone that you would like to recommend? Please leave a comment below!

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