4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Agricultural Garage Doors and Openers

These agricultural garage doors are the G-5000 design in Ice White are 16’x 18’in size.

These agricultural garage doors are the G-5000 design in Ice White are 16’x 18’in size. When you exit with your truck, you can have better visibility because the garage door windows are about the height of your head.

Farm buildings have existed for centuries, almost as long as farming!

Initially, they were used to keep crops and animals safe from bad weather and theft.

Their utility has become more specific in recent decades. Fortunately, we offer customized agricultural garage doors that are tailored to the needs of every farmer!

Farmers began to build various agricultural structures based on their needs, including large barns for horses, other barns for cows, dairy barns, sheep barns, pig houses, chicken coops, granaries, corn cribs, equipment sheds, creameries, smoke houses, and ice houses.

You own a farm, barn, ranch, shed, livestock shelter, or equipment storage building? Let’s see how the purpose of your farm structure can influence the agricultural garage door and commercial garage door operator you need

1- Large Garage Door to Keep Your Big & Expensive Farm Equipment Safe and Sheltered from Bad Weather

These agricultural garage doors in the G-1000 design in White are ideal for storing various sizes of equipments

These agricultural garage doors in the G-1000 Construction are ideal for storing various sizes of equipment, from pickup trucks, large tractors, harvesters, plows, harrows, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, balers, wagons, trailers, and much more!

Protect your farm equipment at all costs!

For farmers to do their work and to save time and money, agricultural machinery is essential. They are so precious that they should be kept in a location that prevents rust, corrosion, and other weather-related damage.

  • Tractors and seed drills are so versatile and helpful for fertilizing, plowing, feeding, cultivating, and planting all year round.
  • Farm trailers and pick-up trucks are perfect to load and transport small equipment. They are also very handy to move around on your piece of land.
  • Harvesters significantly reduce the amount of time and effort farmers must spend harvesting their crops.

There are various types of equipment that are required for small and large farms to complete their tasks efficiently. Each farmer has a unique piece of land, farming methods, and requirements.

Because of this, consulting a garage door expert to determine which garage door size and model are best for them is highly advised.

However, there is no denying that installing an agricultural garage door large enough to house your tools and equipment can increase the likelihood that they'll be protected from weathering and being stolen.

This garage door is the G-5000 design in Ice White are 28’x 16’in size.

Our G-5000 agricultural doors are extremely robust and have well-thought-out of and carefully crafted options for doors of large dimensions. This one is 28’x 16’in size . As wide as the length of the largest female killer whale ever, and 2 and half times as tall as Michael Jordan.


Despite the weight of farming equipment, some parts may be more desirable to thieves than you might think. Keeping them indoors in a well-secured place can prevent their theft from happening!

Unexpected situations could occur, as we all know, but prevention and caution are always a good initiative!

Large and heavy agricultural garage doors require hardware that is as powerful and robust as the doors themselves.




Details of heavy duty hardware for agricultural garage doors, precisely the G-5000 construction based on the number of cycles performed per day.

Details of the 2 types of heavy-duty hardware for agricultural garage doors, precisely the G-5000 construction, and which you pick based on the number of cycles performed per day.

2- Insulated Agricultural Garage Door for Housing Your Animals and Keeping Your Space Dry

Image of little pigs.

Take care of your precious farm animals (pigs, cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, goats, etc.)

Farm animals and livestock must be safely sheltered to avoid becoming ill and spreading viruses, especially during the cold season. Temperature and weather control can be aided by a sheltered and insulated space.

Need a solution to prevent diseases and save you money on your energy bills? Install high-quality garage door weatherstripping, which consists of a weather seal mounted in an extruded PVC retainer that ensures the threshold's water-tightness.

Perhaps you require a space where you must control the temperature and keep feed free of water damage. Having a convenient location with a well-insulated agricultural door can provide an additional protective barrier against outside temperature and humidity.

Why is garage door weather stripping worth the investment for your barn or storage building?

Your livestock and farming equipment are the most valuable assets of your business. You can improve the insulation of your garage door by adding another layer of polyurethane or polystyrene.

Here is a G-5000, available in R-12, R-16 or even R-18 value. Here shown in 24 x 14, Ice White color with windows for more safety.

Need a really tough and sturdy agricultural door? Here is a G-5000 , available in R-12, R-16 or even R-18 value. Here shown in 24 x 14, Ice White color with windows for more safety.

What kind of insulation material do you need? Choosing between polyurethane foam and polystyrene (Styrofoam).

  • Polyurethane

It is an injected foam that fills all the gaps between the panels, making it twice as resistant as polystyrene. Plus, polyurethane is more effective at insulating and weatherproofing and is more flexible

  • Polystyrene

Large sheets of white Styrofoam are inserted between the door's panels. It has a lower thermal resistance, but it is easy to install and less expensive.

Illustrations of the types of garage door insulation: polyurethane and polystyrene (Styrofoam).

You can see the different types of garage door insulation in greater detail here: polyurethane and Styrofoam (from left to right). As you can observe, the injected polyurethane fills in all the gaps of the garage door.

What R-value is best for agricultural construction?

When assessing a building's energy efficiency, overhead doors should be closely examined. Even if 2 insulated doors have the same R-value, they are not the same. The heat loss between panels and around the perimeter is not taken into account in the R-value.

That is why, when it comes to insulation and energy-saving doors, we strongly advise you to consult with an agricultural, industrial & commercial garage door professional.

3- Waterproof Garage Door Openers, Remotes, and Accessories

Two agricultural garage doors in G-5000 construction, 18' x 14' and 12' x 12', Ice White

Having two agricultural garage doors in G-5000 construction of different sizes, 18' x 14' and 12' x 12', in Ice Whit e, gives you much more versatility.

Garage door openers are just as important as commercial doors. Humidity and water, like for any other moving parts, can disrupt and rust the electronics in your farm building.

If you work in a wet environment, it is critical that your equipment is water-resistant and sealed.

For farm buildings, LiftMaster’s CRBH commercial door openers are simply the best!

See LiftMaster commercial garage door opener, Model RBH

The LiftMaster CRBH garage door opener is the same as the RBH opener, but waterproof. This is a Jackshaft opener, which means it is installed on the wall. Optimal for use with larger sectional doors with vertical or high lift. It also includes a chain hoist with electric interlock for manual operation in an emergency. Made for intensive work, its rated duty cycle is maximum 25 cycles per hour and less than 90 cycles per day. Its motor soaks in oil. It has a clutch adjustment and roller bearings.

Farm buildings and equipment are frequently exposed to dust, particularly during harvesting activities. Grain-handling systems can create a dusty environment. To prevent electrical fires, operators must have a special casing.

In fact, according to Conestoga Buildings, a farm construction company, the following are the 8 most common causes of barn fires. You'll discover how to eliminate as many of those fire hazards as possible:

1. Smoking

2. Baled hay

3. Improperly stored dried bedding, hay, and food

4. Improperly installed frost-proof water hydrants

5. Dust and cobwebs

6. Extension cords and potentially hazardous barn wiring

7. Space heaters

That is why many electric LiftMaster commercial door openers have waterproof and corrosion-resistant covers that protect the motor. LiftMaster also offers water-resistant products such as commercial photo eyes, optical edge systems (bottom weather stripping), control panels, and button stations meeting NEMA 4 water protection requirements.

LiftMaster KPW250 wireless keypad is perfect for agricultural garage doors and damp environments.

The KPW250 keypad is perfect for LiftMaster commercial openers. It has a sealed weatherproof design (NEMA 4X), which is an excellent choice for humid environments. More information can be found here .

4- Regular Maintenance Will Keep Your Agricultural Garage Door Running Smoothly for Decades

Agricultural equipment, as you surely know, works in the harshest and dustiest conditions. This Farm Progress blog provides excellent advice on how to manage dirt and dust to keep farm equipment running throughout the season.

Dust and mud concentrations can also be found inside and outside livestock buildings on farmland. Choosing a commercial garage door material that is easy to clean such as steel or aluminum is essential.

Professional garage door technician performing a garage door maintenance with a lubricant.

A certified garage door technician can service your garage door quickly and professionally. They have all the necessary tools and equipment to inspect, lubricate, and repair your garage door components.

Learn useful tips on how to clean your steel or aluminum garage door without causing damage to it!

You can clean the garage door with a car wash and wax product and a good quality car wash mitt. Abrasive cleaners and extremely strong liquid cleaners should be avoided as they may damage the paint or cause delamination.

Garage door maintenance is key to ensuring that your agricultural garage door functions properly and does not interfere with your farm’s operations and productivity.

The last thing you want to do is wake up ready to start your day only to discover that your garage door won't open or that a piece of hardware has broken. Your livelihood is jeopardized if your garage door cannot function properly.

What exactly should annual commercial door maintenance include?

  • Skilled garage installers and technicians
  • On-time execution

· Visual inspection of your garage door system and a written report on its condition

  • Preventative measures and work required to avoid damage

· Garage door, springs, tracks adjustment and alignment if needed

  • Priority customer service

What are the different annual garage door maintenance steps you should perform to reduce the repairs and to extend the lifespan.

The recommended frequency of garage door upkeep will be every 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on the type of building and its utility, as well as the number of cycles your garage door goes through per year.

Let's Look at The Design of Commercial Doors for Agricultural Applications

Colorful garage door that matches your barn

Discover the 9 colors available for your agricultural garage door

You’re proud of your property as you should be. You like having well-maintained buildings and equipment. It’s your piece of land and your baby for more than 2-3 generations, maybe. Why not daring something different than White? You already have green elements on your farm building why not matching your garage door with them? We also offer 2 beiges, 2 browns, Black, Silver and Charcoal.

Now that you know the most important criteria to consider when choosing commercial doors for agricultural applications, you can let your creativity kick in with the color and design choices. As you can see in our pictures, people tend to buy a white garage door for their barn or farm buildings.

But you have more options than that. If you want to proudly display your agricultural building, you can have a professional send you a sample or color code of the one you want to match.

These G-5000 garage doors are in Ice White, 26' x 16'. You have the option of customizing the garage door window sizes, glass types, and frame colors.

With the farming machinery, employee cars, and people coming in through the door, there can be a lot of movement at this location. These G-5000 garage doors are available in 9 colors and with a variety of garage door window sizes, glass types, and frame colors.

Garage door window allows more natural light into your barn while improving safety when you enter or exit of the building with equipment.

A farm wharehouse building with a G-5000 agricultural garage door, 12 x 12, Ice White color, with only one window in the middle of the door

Thought you had to add a row of windows or have no window at all? That is a common misconception. As you can see, this farm owner decided to add only 1 window on the new 12 x12 overhead garage door he bought for his warehouse.

If there is more movement in that area of your land, adding windows to your commercial door can be a great option. Indeed, if employees and cars pass near your overhead door, visibility helps to avoid incidents.

Would you like to get an estimate on the cost of your agricultural overhead door(s)? Request a free quote by email.

Garaga has an experienced and extended network of professional dealers and installers all over Canada and the United States. They will make sure to find the best commercial door and opener to suit your budget and your needs. Because every barn, farm, or any other agricultural building is different in terms of needs.

Garaga’s dealers and installers understand the importance you place on your farm business and because they too are a company. They understand how saving unnecessary costs while getting the features you need to extend your investment is important for you and your business. That is why they like to share their best advice with you.

Want to speak with one of our garage door experts about your farm building garage door or opener project? Find a Garaga dealer near you.

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