October 5, 2020

A brighter life for a hippo family, thanks to garage doors?!

Garaga, not just a manufacturer – a socially responsible company.

As a manufacturer, Garaga has been making the largest mobile component of your home for over 36 years. As a responsible company, we are committed to encouraging causes that are meaningful to all generations.

As individuals, we just love animals!

Garaga Poster at the Granby Zoo: Majestic and Sturdy just Like Hippos! Whatever your habitat, our garage doors will enhance it!

When the Granby Zoo approached us about its project to create a more enjoyable habitat for its little family of hippos, Kiboko the dad, Polita the mom, and their 3‑year‑old baby Coumba, we were pretty enthusiastic to become partners.

Panoramic garage doors – let there be light!

Captivated by the full view garage doors that are all the rage on restaurant patios and in your favorite design shows? So are these hippos!

Garaga G-4400 full view garage doors, in Black color frame, with clear glass windows

Our G-4400 doors allow the hippos at the Granby Zoo to easily pass from the inside to the outside. With Canada’s well-known climate, they also bring in lots of natural light during long winter months.

This commercial version of our all-glass garage doors allows us to offer jumbo-sized - or rather hippo-sized doors 😉- up to 24 feet wide and 18 feet high.

If, like the hippos at the Granby Zoo, you imagine enhancing your home with a panoramic garage door, discover our residential version, the splendid California garage door.

California, 18'x8', Black Aluminum Frame, Mirrorpane Windows

First seen adorning the trendiest places, these doors are now showing up on houses, cottages, restored barns, sheds transformed into man caves or stylish she-sheds and even kitchens!!!

With their chic, head-turning touch, they make it possible to create the versatile Interiors/Exteriors that are so popular.

A zoo crazy about animals!

The Granby Zoo is recognized around the world for its conservation and research projects along with all the innovations it has implemented to ensure a better quality of life for animals.

What's more, the space created for the hippos is 3 times bigger than before. Watch them enjoying their new home!

The Granby Zoo hippopotamus family enjoy its new habitat.

Intended for humans to enjoy as well! An interactive and multimedia corridor has also been set up so that you and your family can feel close to the river with the hippos. On one side, you can observe the hippos swimming in the water and on the other, you are immersed in an African forest. Several other interactive activities are scattered throughout this new habitat.

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