January 12, 2016

8 advantages of changing your garage door system

Take a look around and you’ll notice that a garage door located on the front of a home takes up from 20 to 40% of the façade. House hunters often notice the garage door first when shopping for a new residence. Here are the benefits of changing or upgrading your garage door, and find out the possible return on investment from the purchase of a new garage door system.

Increase the value of your house

It has been shown that if your garage door is relatively new and attractive, you’ll increase your home’s value and thus sell it faster. Often, the first thing potential buyers notice when visiting a house is the garage door and the landscaping.

Decrease garage door maintenance time

How many times have you repainted your wooden garage door because its color fades over time? A metal garage door with a protective coating of factory baked-on paint can spare you this task.

Protect your home from break-ins

If your garage door opener was manufactured before 1993, you should know that the signal of the remote transmitter can be picked up because it isn’t equipped with a rolling code system. Nowadays, door openers come with the latest technology and you can even open and close your garage door with your smart phone, your tablet, or your computer…even if you are on the other side of the world!

Reduce the transfer of heat and cold in your garage

A well-insulated and weathertight door prevents the transfer of outdoor cold to the interior of your garage. It works the same way in the summertime, so your garage will stay cool, even during the hot months.

Minimize the risk of injury to you and your loved ones

By not having a photoelectric sensor system with your garage door opener, which causes your door to go back up if a person or object gets in the way of the door, increases the risk of injury to you and your family.

Lower your electric bill

Even if you only slightly heat your garage, or have no air conditioning, cold or hot and humid air is transferred into your house every time you open the door to the garage. Since cold and humid air cause some discomfort, people tend to increase the heat, which naturally, pushes up your energy bill.

Improve the appearance of your home

By adding windows to your current garage door as well as decorative hardware suited to your architectural style, you greatly enhance the appearance of your home. What’s more, this investment is not as large as you might think.

Lessen the noise made by your garage door system

Nowadays, there are very quiet door openers. Install a door opener with a belt drive using a metal-reinforced rubber belt as well as nylon rollers. Then by well lubricating all metal parts, you’ll be surprised how much noise is eliminated.

Do these eight benefits encourage you to change your garage door system? The next step is to make an appointment with a garage door specialist in your area. This person can assist you in making a decision while taking into account your tastes, the design of your home, and your budget. If you have questions, ask away, and feel free to request for a free quote.

8 Advantages Of Changing Your Garage Door System

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