September 8, 2017

10 uses for your second garage

A second garage isn’t something everybody has. Those who are lucky enough to have the extra space are sometimes stumped with what to do with it. That second garage can add value to your property not only for storage, but as a special space for entertaining or special interests.

Here are 10 ideas to help spark your creativity when you want to do more than store the lawnmower in your second garage.

Second Garage

Entertaining room

Demonstration/Entertaining Kitchen

Is cooking your thing? Maybe eating or entertaining makes you smile. Turn your second garage into a demonstration/entertaining kitchen and expand your party planning abilities. Do you enjoy getting together with your friends for wine and cooking demonstrations? With your own demonstration kitchen, you can share the cost of hiring the chef you want to instruct on the dish that excites you. Have a different chef each month and start your own cooking club. When the kitchen isn’t in use for demonstrations use it as an extra kitchen for catering staff when throwing parties. With two kitchens, the hot food can be served hot and the cold food served cold when appropriate.

Entertaining Room

Wine cellar

A proper wine cellar helps regulate humidity and light so wine tastes the way it should after storage. Whether you are a new collector or have been collecting for years a wine cellar (or in this case garage) provides a place to properly store expensive wines as well as the case of everyday drinking wine you pick up at Costco. Your wine cellar can be as simple as closing off a section of the garage, adding a humidifier and keeping the light low or as complicated as a fancy wood paneled tasting room with leather couches and special glassware. It’s up to you

Poker/Game Room

Are your Wednesday night poker games getting the stink eye from your spouse because of the empty beer cans and prevalent cigar smoke? Does your spouse frown on puzzle night with your friends because of the ever-present wine stained folding card table with a half-finished puzzle in the middle of the room? Whether your gaming habit falls into the above categories or you’re having a tough time finding a place for your multi-evening couples’ night strategy game sessions, a game room can help you dedicate space to your beloved games. Keep multiple games going with several table and chair combinations.

Home Theatre

Home theatres have come a long way. But if you already use your finished basement for other purposes, or you live in a state where basements are not common, consider turning your garage into a the ultimate home theatre. Imagine a comfortable setting in reclining theatre chairs, a popcorn machine in the back and a large screen in front of you and your friends. A garage based home theatre allows you to have more chairs so you can host larger groups of friends. And the movies are always your choice.


If you brew your own beer or have always wanted your own version on the Hofbrauhaus then maybe you found the perfect fit for your second garage. Build your own brewpub and entertain your friends without leaving the house. Whether you want a traditional looking English pub, German Bauhaus, sports bar or a theme that matches the collective interest of you and your friends, your second garage can fit that bill.


Guest House/Rental Space

If you often have guests or relatives stay with you, or you want to create a place for your son or daughter to stay when home from school, consider turning your garage into a guest house. A separate guest house allows privacy and space for both you and your guests. And, depending on local ordinances, you could see extra income renting out your guest house on sites like Airbnb and VRBO or to local students if you live in a college town.

Special Interest Room

Gamer’s Space

Playing video games can be a serious business. A second garage can be the perfect place to conduct that business. The game console of your choice connected to a large screen high definition television, a matched sound system and a comfortable couch and you have everything you need to concentrate at the task at hand. No more worrying about disturbing your family members with explosions, repetitive music or yells of joy or frustration. Relax, sit back and lose yourself in your current game.

Recording/Practice Studio

The price of music recording equipment has come down to truly affordable levels and can often be found used for a great price. That empty garage is perfect for building your space for practicing, performing or recording your original songs. Soundproof the studio and you have a space for your band practice without your neighbor’s complaining.

Craft Room/Art Studio

Choose your medium or switch between mediums in your home art studio. Turn your second garage into a studio for art or crafting and create a dedicated space for your creative outlet. You no longer have to worry about drying paint, or glue with a separate studio. Create what you want to make and leave it until inspiration strikes again.

Reading Room

Ever dream of having a dedicated library? Image book lined shelves and good reading lamps hovering over comfortable chairs. Add a coffee maker and a small fridge and perhaps a desk for writing and you’ve created your own reading room. Never put up with noise from the television or talking when you lose yourself in your favorite book.

Create Your Space

In the end, the only constraints for turning your second garage into something really unique is your imagination, budget and enthusiasm. Transforming your second garage into a truly special place doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. The main goal is to figure out what you want the space to do and then thoroughly research to get ideas and discover options for achieving your goal.

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