"Win A Smart Garaga Garage Door!" Sweepstake

January 23th 2019

Wether you like the Contemporary, Traditional or Carriages Styles,

Wether it is for a new construction or a renovation,

Participate to Garage fabulous Sweepstake

You could win the garage door of your dreams, equipped with a LiftMaster door opener and all the most advanced tools in order to make it a smart garage door!

Win a Smart Garaga Garage Door contest

"Win A Smart Garaga Garage Door!"

WHEN: From January 23 to June 26, 2019

DRAW: July 3, 2019, at 12h EST

PRIZE: $2,500 in value

  • the purchase of an all-new Garaga garage door system
  • a model WLED garage door opener with:
    • belt drive with battery back-up
    • a 3-Button Visor Remote Control and a Smart Control Panel
    • a 3-Button Mini Remote Control
    • a Wireless Light Control
    • a Door and Gate Monitor
    • a Laser Parking Accessory
    • a Remote Light Switch
    • MyQ home bridge 819LMB
    • a Google Nest camera
    • All these tools are compatible with the MyQ app.


  • NO purchase required to enter the contest
  • The winner must be at least 18 years old
  • The winner must be the owner of a house (current or under construction)
  • The winner’s house must have a garage (attached or detached)
  • The contest is open to residents of CANADA (excluding British Colombia, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut) and the UNITED STATES, in one of these states Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, Illinois, New York, New Hampshire, Rhodes Island, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, Maryland, Michigan, Vermont.

YOU ARE BUYING YOUR GARAGA GARAGE DOOR BEFORE THE SWEEPSTAKE’S END? Wow! Congratulations! You will love it AND you could now win $5,000 IN CASH!

Exciting, isn’t it? Hurry to enter:

  1. Visit our Design Centre
  2. Create the garage door of your dreams in a fiew clicks
  3. Fill the Sweepstake Form and Get a free quotation
Win $5,000 cash