Garaga adds a BRAND NEW Shaker‑Modern XL Design to its steel garage doors

February 27th 2020

A family‑owned business, Garaga has been manufacturing top‑quality steel garage doors for more than 35 years. Now, Garaga is proud to present its new embossed pattern, the Shaker‑Modern XL design, featuring raised panels and the sleek lines that made Shaker‑style so timeless and versatile.

Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL, 16' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, Satin windows

Standard+ Shaker‑Modern XL, 16' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut, Satin windows / Coordinated with Soho entry door from Novatech's Shaker Collection

The look is everything!

Especially when you always deliver quality. So, long story short, the main difference between the new Shaker‑Modern XL design and other Garaga Shaker designs is its raised panels.

Gaining more and more popularity in today’s architectures, the Shaker‑Modern XL suits contemporary styles. It is also teams magnificently with the natural vibe, featuring those more organic materials that many are in love with these days.

Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL, 16' x 8', Black, Soft Windows


Standard+ Shaker‑Modern XL, 16' x 8', Black, Soft windows / Coordinated with Soho entry door with Soft glass from Novatech's Shaker Collection

Nothing is more soothing when you get home than wood, stone, bricks, and green plants for reconnecting with what’s essential, and forget about everyday hassles. The Shaker‑Modern XL design is perfect for this look, as it gives the impression of one huge carved wooden panel while the clean lines of its embossing have a “Zen” effect. The result is the warmth and nobility of wood without its drawbacks.

Many great options to choose from.
Always the same superior quality construction.

Garaga’s Shaker‑Modern XL design is available for the Standard+ models. "This is really appealing for homeowners who want to have better insulation and a better look since these models provide an R‑16 insulation value and are offered in the 10 most in‑vogue colors, including the fantastic new Iron Ore Walnut, as well as hundreds of windows and window layouts." says Caroline Carrier, Garaga’s marketing director.

Shaker-Modern XL pattern

Shaker‑Modern XL Embossed Design

A Green & Energy‑Efficient Choice

Garaga’s steel garage doors are made by people who understand harsh weather. As well, they ensure the products they build reduce your power bills and have a positive effect on the environment. Garaga’s steel garage door are made to last more than 20 years.

A match made in heaven!

People want their garage door to fit perfectly with their entry door. They want them to be eye‑catching for the right reasons, not for being mismatched! Garaga understands this. That’s why we teamed up with Novatech, a well‑known entry door manufacturer, to offer homeowners twin‑like designs.”, adds Caroline Carrier.

The Shaker‑Modern XL design was designed to match with Novatech’s Shaker Collection entry doors - the Soho, Victoria Shaker, and Brixton.

Novatech’s Soho entry door

Novatech’s Soho entry door

A visit is worth 1000 words!

Before making a final decision, visiting a garage door specialist’s showroom is a decision home owners won’t regret. If they choose a quality product, their garage door will last more than 20 years. Depending on the house plan, a garage door will cover from 25 to 40% of a home’s façade. It is also a major source of air infiltration. As much for its looks as for its construction quality, taking the time to choose it will pay off.

About Garaga

Founded in 1983, Garaga is a family‑owned business and the largest manufacturer of insulated and non-insulated garage doors (residential, commercial & industrial) in Canada. Garaga has three manufacturing facilities, in St‑Georges (QC), Barrie (ON), and Ponca City (OK).