New from Garaga! Pure glass is now available for our polyurethane-insulated garage doors

May 15, 2023

Looking for timeless appeal and classic beauty? Are your doors and windows black? Then you'll love our new Pure glass. As its name suggests, it's sleek and well-designed. It'll enhance not only your garage, letting in more light without the gaze of passers-by, but also your home's facade. A well-balanced exterior calls for a design in which the architectural elements are beautifully echoed.

Modern 2-storey house in Cognac wood and anodized steel, double garage with 10'x8' garage doors, Black color, Pure windows

Garage doors shown: Standard+ model, Flush design, in Black, Right-side Harmony window layout with Pure glass.

Pure glass is the perfect choice for homeowners with black front doors and horizontal windows with black frames. In fact, the horizontal black stripes integrated into its design are a natural match for the horizontal black lines of the windows. As well, its portion of White Sandblasted glass provides an excellent degree of privacy. In short, an instant classic and a must-have!

A glass that blends the modern with the classic, privacy with visibility.

Close-up of Pure glass, showing its composition of white sandblasted glass, black band and clear glass.

"The composition of Pure glass is truly clever. It's composed of White Sandblasted glass, which provides plenty of privacy while letting in natural light, with a thin band of Clear glass on either side of the black band, allowing homeowners to see out of their garage without being seen. It will appeal to anyone looking for a contemporary yet classic look, as well as to people who like to repeat design elements", explains Kareen Roy, Garaga's Brand Image and Communications Team Leader.

A wide range of designs in energy-efficient, long-lasting doors

Pure glass is available for 40"x 13" windows. It is particularly well suited to door designs with rectangular embossings or fairly smooth surfaces.

But you don't have to take our word for it! Explore the 21 designs of our Standard+ series R-16 polyurethane-insulated doors and our superb Eastman doors with overlays. Pure glass is available for every color and window layout.

Something for everyone! Especially since our Design Centre makes the experience fast and enjoyable. You can even test your favorite models on a photo or floor plan of your home.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, imagine how much it's worth to see a new product first-hand!

Before choosing a garage door that covers a large part of your facade and lasts 25 years if it's good quality, how about visiting the showroom of one of our dealers? You'll not only see the Pure glass, but also a wide range of garage door designs and colors.

You'll also meet experts who are passionate about their profession. They can show you the different types of insulation. They will be happy to help you make your project a reality, while respecting your budget and priorities.

Garaga, in a nutshell

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