NEW! BLACK SATIN glass windows are now available for your GARAGA garage door. Get that wow factor!

March 6, 2023

Garaga, a family business that has manufactured top-quality garage doors since 1983, is proud to present its new 40" x 13" Black Satin glass. It’s the perfect accent your modern black garage door!

Modern house with garage door Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL, 12' x 8', Black, window layout: Right-Side Harmony with Black Satin glass

Standard+ Shaker-Modern XL, 12' x 8', Black, window layout: Right-Side Harmony with Black Satin glass. Black Satin glass appears a little paler when there is a lot of light behind the glass . It then takes on a dark gray tint.

Over the last few years, consumers, architects, and designers have become more and more attracted to black glass that is less transparent.

Indeed, consumers are increasingly opting for contrasting home exteriors, generally choosing light-colored siding, complemented by black accents and the insertion of natural elements like wood, stone and brick.

"Black Satin glass really complements residential exterior design trends, enhancing curb appeal. Although siding is often light in color, consumers adore black windows, front doors and garage doors! Black Satin glass provides a 4/5 privacy level and a mirror effect. It helps in creating a minimalist look for both homeowners and architectural designers seeking a clean look. Less is more! ” - Kareen Roy, Garaga's Team Leader for Brand Image and Communication.

Garage door from the Townships Collection, Eastman E-13, 9’ x 7’, Black door and overlays, windows with Black Satin glass

Townships Collection, Eastman E-13, 9’x 7’, Black door and overlays, windows with Black Satin glass

The 4 Trending Exterior Design Styles of 2023:

So many possibilities. And because each person is unique, a home should be unique too!

Garaga’s 40"x13" Black Satin window glass is available for the Standard+ (R-16 insulation) and Acadia 138 (R-12 insulation) doors as well as the stunning Eastman door with overlays and a section of windows. Not many people know how many different choices there are for the construction and design of their garage door. That's why it's important to look at all of them and choose one that really fits in with the other architectural elements of your home's façade. There's something about harmony that is indefinable and makes your home truly pleasing to the eyes of buyers, and to yours as well.

“It's really appealing to people thinking about changing their garage door, as Garaga offers many different door designs with excellent insulation ,” notes Kareen Roy.

So, whether it's to enhance the classic charm of a home or to give it a modern touch, homeowners will find the right look to suit their tastes.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then you should go and see the real Black Satin glass yourself!

Our Garaga dealers can show you a sample of the Black Satin glass at their showroom or, if you prefer, they can come to your home for an estimate on your project.

In the meantime, put on your designer hat and have fun creating the garage door of your dreams on our Design Centre. Remember: Black Satin glass is available for the Standard+, Acadia 138 and Eastman with window section models.