Garaga adds two new garage door models: Vog and Prestige

November 12th 2015

To compliment the modern and contemporary designs of many new houses of these same architectural styles seen increasingly more often in Canada and in USA, Garaga is adding two new garage door model patterns to its range of garage doors, the Vog and Prestige models

The Vog and Prestige designs were developed to coordinate perfectly with entry door models from one of Canada’s largest manufacturers, Novatech®. This collaboration between a garage door manufacturer and an entry door manufacturer is entirely new and unique in Canada.


The Vog model is recognized by horizontal, V-shaped lines, 40 inches (10 cm) long embossed on each section, giving a pure, contemporary look to this garage door.


The Prestige model is composed of classic, rectangular embossed patterns (40 ½" x 15") with contours that have every detail enhanced.

As we were told by Mr. Maxime Gendreau, director of marketing at Garaga, “Our own interviews with consumers have shown that homeowners are increasingly looking to perfectly coordinate the design of their entry door with that of their garage door. This desired is especially expressed from members of the baby boomer generation. The trend is the same for the windows that can be added to the garage door and the main entry door.”

Mr. Gendreau adds “These two new embossed doors are available for Garaga’s Standard+ door. This 1 ¾" (45 mm) door is injected with polyurethane foam and provides an R-16 thermal resistance factor. The Standard+ comes in 9 different colors. In addition to these 2 new model patterns, the Standard+ is currently available in a choice of 10 other model patterns”.

These new door designs can now be seen on Garaga’s Design Centre at:

To learn more about the full range of Garaga products, visit Garaga’s webite at

New Vog
New Prestige