Garaga adds a new garage door model to its Force series

June 26th 2017

To complement the carriage house designs seen on many houses these days, Garaga is adding a new garage door model pattern to its range of garage doors, the Shaker‑NH LP model for its Force Series.

The Force series includes the 3‑layer insulated door, Triforce, the 2‑layer insulated door, Dualforce and finally the 1-layer non‑insulated door, Uniforce. All these steel doors are 2 inches thick.

Shaker‑NH LP

This model is mostly used for carriage house and Craftsman house designs. The embossment is 40½ x 15 inches. For a single 9' x 7' door, there are 2 large embossments. Decorative hardware (handles, hinges, knockers) can be installed on the door to add charm to the door, and decorative windows as well.

As we were told by Mr. Maxime Gendreau, Director of Marketing at Garaga, “Consulting with consumers and our network of dealers uncovered that homeowners are asking for more choices of garage door designs. They are looking for a different door than their neighbors, something unique and beautiful.”

Mr. Gendreau adds “Specifically, we are most excited about this model pattern being available for Garaga’s Triforce door. This 2‑inch door is insulated with polystyrene foam, 24‑gauge galvanized steel and provides an R‑10 thermal resistance factor. The Triforce comes in 5 different colors. In addition to this new door design, the Triforce includes 3 other model patterns.”

These new door designs can now be seen on Garaga’s Design Centre.


GARAGA adds a new garage door model to its FORCE Series