Garaga introduces a new color for the Standard+ and North Hatley series: American Walnut

May 1st 2013

Once again, Garaga is expanding its choice of colors, this time for the Standard+ and North Hatley doors, both 1¾"-thick, R-16 doors, with American Walnut.

Garaga is proposing this color for those want to replicate the mixture of shades found in real wood. The painting itself is unique in the market, bringing to mind a two-way, ribbed wood surface that simulates the look of a varnished wood door.

This new color brings to seven the total number for these two door models: Ice White, Desert Sand, Claystone, Moka Brown, Dark Sand, Black and now, American Walnut. This new color will be available as of mid-March.

American Walnut

With the Standard+ Series, garage door dealers can get up 35 different choices (5 different motifs with 7 different colors) and for the North Hatley, the country charm model, up to 14 (2 different motifs with 7 different colors).

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