Garaga now offers more window choices

November 1st 2013

Garaga now provides an exciting variety of window ideas for its garage doors to complement contemporary-style homes.

Numerous arrangements and types of windows are displayed in a handy illustrated guide. The window layouts offer a multitude of possible configurations, whether in harmony, offset, or in perspective, depending on the model of Garaga garage door. In addition, to make selecting easier, technical specifications for each window layout are included. 


“We want to provide an inspired solution that allows our dealers to easily answer consumers, architects and designers who are looking for a contemporary style with a different look. With these window layouts, they can offer new alternatives to their customers that will harmonize perfectly with their home’s architecture” says Maxime Gendreau, Director of Marketing at Garaga.

As an additional response to the trend in contemporary style homes, Garaga has added a “Satin” finish glass to its choice for windows.

Already available and popular for the California model, the “Satin” finish is a translucent, frosted glass that has the characteristic of letting light in while creating an intimate atmosphere. From now on, all 1¾" door models, such as the North Hatley, Standard+, Eastman, H-Tech and Top Tech, are offered with this option.

Photos to provide inspiration are now online in the residential door section of the Garaga website, at:

The complete, 10-page document showing the different possible ways to arrange windows can be downloaded, in PDF format, at the following address: (click on Download the Window Layouts – Contemporary Style).

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