Garaga launches the third generation of its Design Centre

April 13th 2009

Garaga has just moved to a more advanced version of its Design Centre, now providing even further ways of creating a garage door.

This means that, from now on, you can upload a photograph of your home onto Garaga's Design Centre website and interchange any one of Garaga's numerous door models onto the photo.

As explained by Nancy Labbé, Communications Coordinator at Garaga, users can actually visualize what a new garage door looks like on their home. Ms. Labbé proudly notes that Garaga was the first Canadian garage door manufacturer to offer a Design Centre to consumers in 2002. Due to major advances in Internet design technology over the past three years, we can now provide this new capability to homeowners.

Garaga launches the third generation of its Design Centre

Browsing the Garaga microsite, users can select one of 17 door models, in up to 16 colors, with a collection of seven possible window styles. At the end of the process, they can save the result, keep it in memory for when they next return to the site, and even send it to family or friends via Facebook. Results can also be printed and taken to a Garaga dealer to get a free estimate for the project.

What is even more interesting about Garaga's Design Centre, adds Ms. Labbé, is that visitors have two other possibilities. For instance, in the case of new home construction projects, visitors can choose from among 26 different home models the one that comes closest to their dream home, and then try out different combinations of door models, colors and sizes.

A second option is for only the garage facing to be chosen from among the materials that closest match the actual project, and from there design the desired garage door. As before, all this information can be saved, printed, or sent to friends or family by Internet.

We know how much consumers want to visualize their projects before investing any money in renovation or construction. We fully understand this concern which is why we are launching our new Design Centre, concludes Ms. Labbé.

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