Garaga is launching a new garage door concept for the middle market consumer

March 19th 2004

Garaga Inc., a garage door manufacturer located in St.Georges, Quebec, has just launched a new garage door concept to satisfy consumers who are looking more and more for quality products for their homes: the 'Industrial Quality Inside'. Your home is a reflection of what you are and what you have accomplished. Likewise, a garage door is an important detail that can put the finishing touch to the face that you want to present to your neighborhood.

The facts:

Canadian's middle-market consumers are trading up. This is a business opportunity for garage door specialists. 4.5 million households (earning 50,000$) are willing to pay premiums ranging from 20% to 200% for the kind of well-designed, well-engineered and well-crafted goods not previously available to the mass middle market. Businesses offer a wide variety of new higher-end products and services from appliances, consumer electronics, shoes, and sports equipment to renovation materials, equipment, wine and spirits. For instance, the appliance industry wisdom once held that people would never pay more than 800$ for a pair of laundry appliances. Yet Whirlpool now sells its Duet ensemble for 2,100$. Thanks to its European styling and faster, gentler cycles, Whirlpool cannot keep up with demand. Another example is Belvedere Vodka, which undergoes four rounds of distillation for a smoother taste and sells for 40.50$ a bottle, a 78% premium over Absolute Vodka at 22.50$.

The trade-up phenomenon already affects almost every category of goods including consumables, durables and services. Homeowners and garage owners are mostly middle class. They too are in a trading-up mood: they are sensitive to well-designed, well-engineered and well-crafted products. Because, Canadian middle market consumers are better educated, more sophisticated and more discerning than ever before, they want products that engage their curiosity and imagination.

'Industrial Quality Inside': what does it do for you?

'The "Industrial Quality Inside" concept makes the Garaga residential garage door product line very attractive to middle market consumers' confirms Sylvain Fecteau, General Manager of the Barrie Plant. Easy to grasp, "Industrial Quality Inside" is a quality statement that spells well-designed, well-engineered and well-crafted. This quality statement represents a quality commitment and, most importantly for the garage door specialists, a quality story. Already 650,000 Garaga customers have acquired a product with "Industrial Quality Inside".

"Garage door specialists take pride in installing residential garage doors with "Industrial Quality Inside". The advantage is two-fold", states Sylvain Fecteau, "First, they are sure that their customers will be satisfied; the customers will appreciate the ruggedness of the door system. Secondly, it allows them, the specialists, to stand out because this product is not sold by every Tom, Dick and Harry's stores".

Components of "Industrial Quality Inside"

The quality story of 'Industrial Quality Inside' is based on facts. Garaga Experts praises the quality of Garaga residential hardware for its greater durability. 14-gauge tracks, anchoring brackets, hinges and reinforcement plates offer sturdiness and strength. According to them, 'Garaga is known to have the best, most efficient weatherproofing and thermal breaks in the industry. Garaga's door faces are made of sturdy high-pressure polyurethane injected panels'. This is the best airtightness garage door, as good for cold areas, as efficient for hot and humid regions. Industrial Quality Inside means the same high end components used in commercial applications, means also twice the durability.

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