Garaga now offers you even more choices and options

April 13th 2009

Garaga continues to expand the possible options for its carriage-house style garage door, the Eastman, by now offering it with decorative PVC overlays in a choice of three colors: White, Desert Sand or Claystone. For instance, a homeowner could choose an Eastman door in Moka Brown and complement it with Desert Sand decorative overlays, reminiscent of country style homes.

Garaga has also added another window style to its selection, the «Panoramic», which lets in the greatest amount of natural light to a garage interior. Garaga now offers seven different window models so that you can find the perfect look for your garage door. To top it off, they also offer four models of decorative handles to harmonize with the traditional design of the door.

«In 2005, Garaga was the first garage door manufacturer in Canada to offer a carriage-house style garage door, the North Hatley, followed by the Eastman door in 2007», remarks Nancy Labbé, Communications Agent at Garaga. Today, the garage door is an integral part of a home's architecture. It represents much more than a simple garage door that opens and closes. Consumers are looking for style and elegance because they want to give their home a distinctive look, and that's exactly what Garaga offers.

Ms. Labbé also notes that both the Eastman and North Hatley doors are available in various sizes and even made-to-measure. In order to see the complete selection, consumers are invited to visit Garaga's Design Centre where they can design their own garage door<

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