Garaga has added a new model to its range of commercial and industrial doors: the G-5200

March 27th, 2014

A new model has been added to Garaga’s selection of commercial and industrial garage doors. The G-5200 door complements Garaga’s series of polyurethane foam injected commercial products, which are available in thicknesses ranging from 1 3⁄8" to 2" (35 - 50 mm).

The G-5200 door meets the construction standards for any new building requiring a higher thermal resistance factor (R-18) and a door of sturdier construction (2" thick).


Garaga manufactures garage doors using the most sophisticated procedures and technologies in the industry. As Maxime Gendreau, Marketing Director for Garaga Inc. says: “Our commercial and industrial doors are recognized for really being “stronger for longer”. Our doors are designed with the goal of achieving maximum performance in all areas: superior insulation, perfect weathertightness, sturdy construction, great durability and an affordable price.

The new G-5200 is no exception, boasting a number of distinguishing features:
- 26-gauge hot galvanized steel (on both sides of panels) that can withstand the elements
- 2"-thick door, insulated with high-pressure injected polyurethane foam
- Thermal resistance factor of R-18
- Available colors: Ice White. Long-lasting polyester-based paint that has been fired on 
  (1 base coat and 2 topcoats) 
- Subtle wood-grain finish; horizontal grooves uniformly distributed across the panel
- Joints between sections: 3-point Interlok™ system, including a thermal break
- Black PVC weatherstripping at the bottom of the door ensuring the threshold maintains 
  maximum weather-tightness
- Section end pieces made of wood blocks, ensuring an efficient thermal break
- 21" x 13" sealed double-pane windows
- Available sizes: from 8' to 24' in length and from 8' to 18' in height (in 3" increments)

Garaga’s selection of commercial and industrial products now includes over 10 garage door models. All of the doors are constructed from the highest quality materials in the industry and are the products most-recommended by architects and building contractors in Canada.

Garaga products allow users to earn points for all their LEED projects, thanks to the use of recycled materials in the steel doors.

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